2014 GHC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is a listing of people who would like to attend GHC but are not able to register at this time.  Those on the waitlist will receive notification as space becomes available. We are no longer taking names for the wait list.

Being on the waitlist does NOT mean that you are registered for GHC.  Do not make travel arrangements until you have secured your registration. We will notify people on the waitlist when space is available but until you receive notification and complete the registration process, do not assume you are registered.

If I am on the wait list what are my chances of getting into GHC?

Those on the waitlist have been notified of their status.

Will everyone currently on the wait list get in?  How many people are currently on the wait list?

It is unlikely that everyone on the wait list will get in, unfortunately.  There are over 1,000 names currently on the wait list.

Why can’t AnitaB.org increase the capacity of GHC beyond the 8,000 planned attendees?

Safety, facility, program and logistical considerations make it impossible for us to expand the capacity beyond the 8,000-attendee level.  We have worked closely with the Phoenix Convention Center and our event producers to accommodate 8,000, but we are unable to expand beyond that number. While we wish we could accommodate every person who wants to attend, our primary objective is to ensure that all of our attendees have the high quality experience that the Grace Hopper Celebration is known for.

Will there be onsite registration?

No.  There will not be any onsite registration. All attendees must register in advance of the event and receive registration confirmation prior to the start of the event.  Submissions to the waitlist are not registrations.

If I would like to come but have not registered what should I do?

GHC 2014 is sold out.  At this time we cannot accommodate more people.

Stay tuned for information on livestreaming of the 2014 keynotes and plenaries.

What are registration codes?

A registration code is a unique code that enables people to register as a GHC attendee. They are different than discount codes which enable people to register at a discount as long as registration spots are available. Registration codes are for speakers, members of the organizing committees, Technical Executive Forum participants, sponsors and GHC scholarship recipients.  Registration codes have been distributed.  All codes must be redeemed no later than September 19.

Who gets registration codes?

  • Speakers – people who are speaking, participating in panels, or presenting workshops receive registration codes for a one day pass
  • Members of organizing committees – committee co-chairs who have helped to organize the conference
  • GHC Scholars – scholarship recipients who will attend GHC
  • Hoppers – volunteers selected to help at GHC
  • Sponsors – as a part of their sponsorship package receive a limited number of codes for their attendees or pre-purchased registrations in advance
  • AnitaB.org Partners – were able to buy enterprise packages of registration codes for their staff and women technologists to attend the event

Invited guests for special events such as the Technical Executive Forum receive codes to attend the Forum.

Why are discount codes different?

Discount codes are used to provide a special discount such as early bird pricing.  They do not guarantee a spot but only offer a discount when registration spots are available.

Can I get a registration code?

If you fall into one of the above categories you should have already received your code.  Registration codes are no longer available for purchase.

I am an Academic, Lab or Non-profit sponsor and I have a discount code for students, can I still use it?

You may not use the code to access and purchase new student registrations; however, if someone from your organization is accepted from the waitlist the discount may be applied.

What is the situation with hotels? What do I do if the online booking system does not have availability for the days I need lodging?

We are constantly monitoring the hotel situation and are adding hotels to the online booking system accommodate the demand for space. If you are unable to find rooms please email our housing representative at hsgcoor@visitphoenix.com for assistance in securing a room.  If you are with an academic institution and are unable to find the hotel rooms you are looking for, please fill out the academic housing form.

When will all GHC Scholar wait list decisions will be made?

All GHC Scholarship Grant recipients have been announced. If you did not receive a scholarship we encourage you to apply again in January 2015.

When will I know my status for the Hopper volunteer program?

All decisions regarding Hoppers have been announced. Those who have been accepted will receive their assignments at the Hoppers Orientation Meeting on October 8.

If I can no longer attend, may I transfer my registration pass to someone else?

Substitutions are allowed until September 24. To transfer your registration pass to someone else, please log in to your registration, select the option to make a substitution, and fill out the information for the person who is replacing you.