2014 Posters ACM SRC

ACM Student Research Competition (Graduate)

Scalable Visibility Color Map Construction in Spatial Databases, Farhana Murtaza Choudhury (RMIT University)

On Maximum Weight Objects Decomposable into Based Rectilinear pannuConvex Objects, Iffat S. Chowdhury (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Orion: Scaling Genomic Sequence Matching with Fine-Grained Parallelization, Kanak Mahadik (Purdue University)

A Model for Item Satiation and its Application to Recommendation, Komal Kapoor (University of Minnesota, Twin cities)

Platform Ecosystems for the design of smart and sustainable cities, Larissa Suzuki (University College London (UCL))

Spatial Task Assignment for Crowd Sensing with Cloaked Locations, Layla Pournajaf (Emory University)

Energy-aware Scheduling for Big Data Applications, Lena Mashayekhy (Wayne State University)

Summarizing Users’ Opinion from Social Media Forums, Lu Wang (Cornell University)

Energy aware mapping of applications in multicore environment, Madhurima Pore (Arizona State University, Tempe)

Analyzing Gender Difference in Improving Self-Efficacy on Software Engineering Education, Maira Rejane Marques Samary (Universidad de Chile)

Efficient Continuous-Time Markov Chain Estimation: Application on RNA Folding Pathways, Monir Hajiaghayi (University of British Columbia (UBC))

Malware Analysis with an Architectural Approach, Nidhi Rastogi (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI))

Model-based Security Attacks on Body Sensor Networks, Priyanka Bagade (Arizona State University)

Preference Oriented Execution of Fixed Priority Scheduling Framework, Rehana Begam (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Non-uniform Voltage and Pulse-width Settings for Hybrid STT-RAM Caches, Reyhaneh Jabbarvand Behrouz (George Mason University)

Finger Blood Flow Monitoring Using Smart Phones, Shanti Thiyagaraja (University of North Texas)

Detecting Controversy on the Web, Shiri Dori-Hacohen (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Predicting Instructor’s Intervention in MOOC forums, Snigdha Chaturvedi (University of Maryland, College Park)

Older people as active creators of digital videos, Susan Moller Ferreira (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Building Sensorimotor Controller for Reaching Inspired by Infant Development, Zahra Mahoor (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

ACM Student Research Competition (Undergraduate)

Development of a Text-to-Speech Synthesis System For Yoruba Language, Adedayo Oluokun (Obafemi Awolowo University)

Tracking and optimizing piezoelectric properties of PVDF for applications, Andrea Martin (University of New Orleans)

Using Escape Analysis in Dynamic Data Race Detection, Emma Harrington (Williams College)

Detecting and Predicting Home Occupancy, Sarah Abramson (Williams College)

Automatic and Data-driven Approaches to Measuring Child Language Development, Shannon N. Lubetich (Pomona College)

How about working in teams?, Shaza Hanif (KU Leuven)

Gamers Segmentation Predictive Analysis and Modeling, Szeyin Lee (Scripps College)

Visualizing 3D Cisterns in Malta and Sicily Using WebGL, Vanessa Forney (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)

Identifying Characteristics of Commonly Misclassified Strokes in Single-Stroke Classification, Yoon Hee (Ren) Lee (University of California, San Diego)

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Sites Posters

Trapped Fermions in 1D: a Hybrid Monte Carlo approach in non-uniform lattices, Casey Berger (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Autonomous Takeoff and Landing of a Quadrotor on a Moving Ground Vehicle Using April Tag Vision-Based Control, Sarah Cen (University of Pennsylvania)

Minimal Weakly Connected Dominating Sets Algorithm, Jenna Wise (Clemson)

Extreme Value Theory and Visual Recognition, Rachel Moore (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

Smartphone Continuous Authentication Using Heart and Respiratory Rates, Wendy Rummerfield (New York Institute of Technology)

Evaluating the Engagement of Low-Income Populations in the Online Sharing Economy, Amelia Malone
(University of Michigan)
The Effects of Perceived Privacy, Perceived Security, and Intrinsic Reinforcement on Social Network Usage, Kristi Belcher (UT Dallas)

Behavioral Biometric Authentication for Mobile Devices, Han Jang (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

An Intrusion Detecting, Rapidly Secure Approach to the Intelligent Traffic Systems’ Automated Traffic Control Scheme, Mercedes Streeter (Texas Tech)

Accelerating MIMO Acoustic Tomography on GPU, Jessie Smith (Univ Maryland Eastern Shore)

Application of Feature-Matching to Photograph Forensics Using Social Networks, Astrid Suarez
(University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing Award Posters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Humanitarian Purpose, Courtney Thurston (Commonwealth Connections Academy)

A Novel Approach to Measuring Password Strength Using Web Popularity, Amy Shen (Stanford University)

Mirror Worlds: A Living Lab for Asynchronous and Synchronous Investigation of Virtual and Real Environments, Kara Vaillancourt (Virginia Tech)

Engineering Quality in the Robotic World, Vicki Niu (Stanford University)

Development of a Robotic Prosthetic Hand for Leprosy Victims, Ananya Cleetus (Carnegie Mellon University)

Analyzing and Preventing Quick Response Code-based Malware and Phishing Attacks for Smartphones,
Alisha Saxena (Conducted Research at University of Washington, fall student at MIT)

Improving the Security of Young Women in India, Sruti Modekurty (Carnegie Mellon University)

Aspire IT–Introducing Middle School Girls to STEM One Step At a Time, Laan Yeung (West Lafayette High School)

Text mining of online cancer support groups, Ankita Pannu (The Harker School)

CRA-W CREU Posters

Taxonomizing the user-centered design strategies of online citizen science projects, Emily Bertelson (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Automatically Extracting a Software Word Usage Model from Java Comments, Kathy Chowaniec
(Montclair State University)

Power Signature Analysis of Supercomputing Applications, Rachelle Thysell (Sonoma State University)

Using MapReduce to Compare Large Collections of Evolutionary Trees, Lisa Jones (US Military Academy)

Explanatory and discursive gesticulation: frequency of representational and discursive gestures, Katherine Sittig-Boyd (Simmons College)

Visualizing Malicious Twitter Users, Cathryn Ploehn (University of Texas, Dallas)

Duplicate Bug Report Detection Using Similarity Measures, Bonita Sharif (Youngstown State University)

Analysis of Sentiment and Emotion during the Gulf Oil Spill, Megan Torkildson (University of Washington)

General Poster Session

Cooperative Modulation Classification of Wireless Signals in Cognitive Radio Networks, Mahi Abdelbar (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Wireless Signal Attenuation on Robot Team Performance, Kriti Acharya (University of District of Columbia)

Experience running a Technovation Challenge in Brazil, Camila Fernandez Achutti (University of Sao Paulo)

Smart Phone Battery Performance Optimization by Analyzing Usage Patterns, Syeda Farzia Afroze (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

(Builder Bob) Interactive Learning Simulation System for Flood Management, Anshika Agarwal
(University of Illinois at Chicago)

Mechanics and Physics of HIV Virus interaction With Cell-Membranes, Himani Agrawal
(University of Houston)


Safety Analysis of Attribute Based Access Control ABAC-alpha Model, Tahmina Ahmed (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Geometric Algorithms for Street-map Construction and Comparison, Mahmuda Ahmed
(University of Texas at San Antonio)

A new object-oriented framework for modeling membrane proteins, Rebecca F. Alford (Carnegie Mellon University)

Multirobot Levy Walk: Bio-inspired Approach to Exploration, Uzma Amir (University of the District of Columbia)

Impact of Imbalance Usage of Social Networking Sites on Families, Anika Anwar (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Increasing success in technology workshops by incorporating team building activities, Rocio Arellano (Women in Technology Peru)

Find Your Spark! Self-mentoring and inspiration via personal stories, Sarah Asif (Anita’s Quilt, Colby College)

Intelligent Remote Monitoring and Prediction System for Major Depression, Solmaz Bagherpour (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Software Architectures for Delivering Customizable, Policy-Based Web Services, Alegria Baquero (University of California, Irvine)

Analyzing data for humanistic and social inquiry, Toby Baratta (Grinnell College)

Rare Pattern Discovery from Time Series, Nurjahan Begum (University of California, Riverside)

Towards Automatatic Filtering of Unwanted Web Resources, Sruti Bhagavatula (University of Illinois at Chicago)

PEMT: A tool that automates Product Execution Management, Aishwarya Bhat (Intel Corporation)

Opinion Detection of Twitter Users using a Supervised Learning Approach, Kasturi Bhattacharjee (UC Santa Barbara)

Giving Students Automated Feedback on Java Program Flaws, Hannah Blau (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Designing Voice-Based Interfaces for Older Adults, Robin N. Brewer (Northwestern University)

Modeling and Prediction of Heart-Related Hospitalization Using Electronic Health Records, Theodora Brisimi (Boston University)

Simulating cancer growth using cellular automata for treatment discovery, Jenna L. Butler (Univeristy of Western Ontario)

Reducing Patients’ Waiting Time at Physicians’ Offices, Manuela Caicedo (University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus)

Time-Frequency Analysis for Linear and Time-Invariant (LTI) Communication Channels, Keisha Castillo-Torres (University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez)

Adaptive Computational Systems for Physiological and Biomedical Data, Rita Chattopadhyay (Intel Inc.)

Nanonetworks Using Near Field Communication, Tanzila Choudhury (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Automatically Extracting a Software Word Usage Model from Java Comments, Kathy N. Chowaniec
(Montclair State University)

ShomoGaan: Ensuring Education to Illiterate Female Population in Developing Countries, Tasnim Chowdhury (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Statistical Analysis for Fraud Detection in Smart Meter Data, Christa Cody (Tennessee Technological University)


The Birchbox Problem. OR + AI = Surprise & Delight., Liz Crawford (Birchbox Inc)

Assigning Auxiliary Roles To STT-MRAM Memory, Jayita Das (University of South Florida)

Integrated Data and Computational Framework for Successful Aging, Dipanwita Dasgupta (University of Notre Dame)

Designing Persuasive Technology for Improving Sleep Behaviors, Nediyana Daskalova (Brown University)

Signal Processing Techniques for Digital Hearing Aid Systems, Sylmarie Davila-Montero (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez)

Interactive visualization of WebSphere Application Server system logs using HTML5, Anne S. DeCusatis (State University of New York at New Paltz)

A Multi-Level Framework for Modeling Usability of Text-based CAPTCHA, Jasmine DeHart (Philander Smith College)

UI Plug-in Architecture, Ruchika Dhingra (Intuit)

Notable Women in Computing and Wikipedia, Katy Dickinson (Everwise)

Effective Content Spam Detection Using Topical Diversity Measures, Cailing Dong (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Big Data: A Journey of Innovation, Sastry Durvasula (American Express)

Examining the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Mobile Health App Use, Elizabeth Eikey (Pennsylvania State University)

A Path Planning Problem on 3D Scanning, Xinyi Fan (Princeton University)

Accessible programming interface for mobility impaired programmers using voice recognition, Xiomara Figueroa (University of Puerto Rico)

Evaluating Status Hierarchy and Social Interactions through a Web Application, Madeline Forrestel
(Washington and Lee University)

Use of Hybrid Systems to model the RobotiQ Adaptive Gripper, Giulia Franchi (University of Roma Tre)

Twitter ain’t Without Frontiers, Ruth Garcia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Translating Sentences from Natural to Formal Language, Shruti Gaur (Arizona State University, Tempe)

EFFECTS OF STALLING EVENTS ON THE QoE OF MOBILE VIDEOS, Deepti Ghadiyaram (University of Texas at Dallas)

Impatience, Risk propensity and Rationality in Timing Games, Moojan Ghafurian (Pennsylvania State University)

Detecting Plagiarized Mobile Apps using API Birthmarks, Amruta Gokhale (Rutgers)

Web Development for Non-Profit Organizations, Elena M. Gonzalez (DePauw University)

Data visualization using the library D3.js, Roxana Gonzalez-Burgos (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras)

Predicting Closed Questions on Stack Overflow, Priya Goyal (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur-India)

How to Thrive and Succeed after Company Mergers, Gowri Grewal
(Hackbright Academy (Alumna))

Mobile Volumetric Rendering for mHealth Applications, Ievgeniia Gutenko (Stony Brook University)

Collaborative Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Durdana Habib (National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences)

Selection Matters if you Care about Reliability, Israat Tanzeena Haque (University of Alberta)

Modernizing Technical Education: Informal Learning Organizations Attract Women to STEM, Dahlia Hegab (University of California, Irvine)

People Managers – Transform your one-on-one meetings with coaching techniques, Heidi Helfand (AppFolio, Inc.)

Segmental Analysis and Evaluation of User Focused Search Process, Chathra Hendahewa (Rutgers)

Starting from Scratch: Contributions to the Computer Science Education Movement, Grace E. Horvath (Northwest Missouri State University)

Mobile Development Learning – A LinkedIn Case Study, Xin Hu (LinkedIn)

Empowering the young, digital Mexico., Isis Ibarra García (Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM))

Starting your career in a global company in different country, Surbhi Jain (Google Tokyo)

Hidden Energy Consumption of Photo Sharing in Online Social Networks, Fatemeh Jalali (University of Melbourne)

Computation of renewable energy harvesting, Grishma Jena (Symbiosis Institute of Technology)

Using App Inventor to Engage African American Students, Yerika Jimenez (University of Florida)

Vehicle Counting from Surveillance Videos, Yanzi Jin (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Q-Nerve: Propagating Signal of A Damaged Nerve Using Quantum Networking, Kazi Sinthia Kabir
(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Analyze Human Characteristics and Social Class Using Social Network Data, Samia Kabir
(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Mail on Your Mobile, Nazifa Karima (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Polyglot Joins in Cloud, Karamjit Kaur (Thapar University)

Named Entity Recognition for Noisy Data, Dallas B. Kidd (University of Houston)

Emotion Classification: A Pattern-Based Approach To Characterizing Affective Expressions, Yelin Kim
(University of Michigan – Ann Arbor)

Students’ Mental Models of Recursively-Defined Objects, Andrea C. Kimball (Pomona College)
Introducing New Input Devices in Scratch Programming Workshops, Nobuko Kishi (Tsuda College)

Graph Clustering via Convex Optimization : Sharp Performance Bounds, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak (California Institute of Technology)

Female dis-inclinations to tinker: An obstacle in Computer Science?, Sammy Krieger (University of British Columbia)

Trust Metrics for Online Social Media, Kaushalya Kularatnam (University of Oxford)

iHart: Interactive Hallways for Attraction and Retention in Technology, Pavlina Lejskova (Mount Holyoke College)

Differentially Private Synthesization of Multi-Dimensional Data using Copula Functions, Haoran Li
(Emory University)

Exploring Friendship from Linguistic Behavior: Examples from Television Fictional Characters, Grace I. Lin (University of California, Santa Cruz)

The Effective Strategies for Testing, Tiffany Low (Box)

Extending Blockly To Improve MIT App Inventor, Xixi Lu (Wellesley College)

Product A/B Testing – Look Before You Leap, Mridula(Mita) Mahadevan (Intuit Inc.)

Successive Approximation Register Analog-Digital Converter automatic placement and routing, Ifana Mahbub (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Curriculum Development of Python Workshop Series at Tulane University, Olivia Mahler-Haug (Tulane University)

Intelligent Data clustering for Cold-data Storage in Main-Memory Database Systems, Atreyee S. Maiti
(Carnegie Mellon University)

Creative Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum Development for Elementary Engineering Education, Emily A. Marasco (University of Calgary)

kVMTrace: An Efficient Main Memory Reference Trace Collector, Marie Margishvili (Amherst College)

A Modern CS2: Implementing Social Good and Mobile Technologies, Lea Marolt Sonnenschein (Grinnell College)

Skip to my List: Toward a Game-Based Big Data Curriculum, Allison G. Martínez-Arocho (Meredith College)

Complexity of Equivalence and Learning for Multiplicity Tree Automata, Ines Marusic (University of Oxford)

Workplace Lactation Programs: An Important Benefit and Vital Retention Tool, Kate Maxwell (Raytheon)

Data for Everyone! Communicating About Big Data, Hilarie L. Mazur (Microsoft)

Scaffolding Java Programming on a Mobile Phone for novice Learners, Charity Chao Mbogo (University of Cape Town)

Secure Mathematically-Assured Composition of Control Models (SMACCM), Kristin S. Mead (University of Minnesota)

Breaking the Code Barrier: Young Women Succeed in Computer Science, Esperanza Medina (Young Women in Computing)

Hey, I am in: Intrusion into Online Social Network Groups, Shagufta Mehnaz (Purdue University)

Transitioning To A New HPC Programming Paradigm, Tiffany M. Mintz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Do Stylometry Methods Fail when Authors Write in Different Voices?, Tamine Mokdissi (Drexel University)

A Survey on Outlier Detection Methods, Marjan Momtazpour (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Design-based vs Language-based: Which Coding Platform Intensifies Student Interest?, Noor Muhyi
(New Mexico State University)

A Hierarchical Requirements Reference Modelb, Anitha Murugesan (University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota, Twin cities)

Geocode Your World!, Kristin M. Muterspaw (Earlham College)

Discovery of Persistent Threat Structures through Temporal and Geo-Spatial Characterization, Josephine M. Namayanja (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Platform for reporting and visualizing data on violence against women, Joannah Nanjekye (Freelance)

Exposing children to computers at an early age, Bonita Beatrice Nanziri (Makerere University)

Adaptive E-Learning for Students with Learning Impairments, Harshani Nawarathna (University of Moratuwa)

Can we have trustworthy digital curators?, Archana Nottamkandath (Vrije university)

Introducing Students to the Digital Humanities, Samantha O’Dell (Washington and Lee University)

The Use of Collaborative Technology with Elementary School Students, Jennifer K. Olsen (Carnegie Mellon University)

Improving Online Education Effectiveness, Michelle L. Olynyk (Wellesley College)

Clinical Decision Support Systems for Early Risk Assessments During Pregnancies, Daphne E. Ong
(Carleton University)

Logic Gate Recognition and Classification Using Shape Context, Eliah Overbey (University of California San Diego)

Harnessing the Collaborative Power of Hack-a-Thons to Improve Security Design, Stephanie Padilla
(Intel Corporation)

Approximate Computing in Mobile Computing Grids, Parul Pandey (Rutgers University)

The Art of Big Data Transfer, Suzanne Parete-Koon (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

LOG ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGIES – Splunk vs. Logstash, Payal Patel (Intuit)

An Investigation of Design Features for Inverted Classroom Support Technology, Joslenne Pena (Penn State University)

Save Distance Save Time, Ancy Philip (Anna University)

Identity Security in Cyberspace – A data-reachability model, Elizabeth F. H. Phillips (Oxford University)

Designing Multi-Touch Gestures to Support Emotional Expression in IM, Afarin Pirzadeh (IUPUI)

MyWellnessManager: A Mobile Wellness Application, Alana Platt (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater)

Visualizing Malicious Twitter Users, Cathryn Ploehn (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Maximum Visibility Queries in Spatial Databases, Sarah M. Preum (University of Virginia)

Certificateless Signcryption with Tight Security Reduction, without Pairing, Swaathi Ramesh
(National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli)

Mining Software Repositories for IR based bug localization, Shivani Rao (Box Inc)

mVeteranCommunity: A Mobile-Network for Veterans Going Through Civilian Reintegration, Rizwana Rizia (Marquette University)

Combining Voice Access with Aural Navigation Flows for Eyes-Free Browsing, Romisa Rohani Ghahari
Relational Learning in Network Datasets, Tanwistha Saha (George Mason University)

Understanding collaboration in primary healthcare centers, through process mining algorithms, Cecilia Saint-Pierre (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

Group Trip Planning Queries in Road Networks, Samiha Samrose (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

EXPERIENCES APPLYING SOFTWARE ENGINEERING TO XSEDE, Tabitha K. Samuel (National Institute for Computational Sciences)

An Analysis of Mobility Traces from Milan Tollgate Data, Claire M. Schlenker (Wellesley College)

Neuroscience-Inspired Dynamic Architectures, Catherine Schuman (University of Tennessee, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Transportation: Tracking and Preventing Accidents, Samia Shafique (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)


NetScript: A Domain Specific Language for Network Analytics, Zalia Shams (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Computational Modeling and Visualization of the Effects of Counterfeit Components, Vishakha Sharma (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Optimizing Controllability of Complex Networks, Forough Sheikh Ansari (Purdue University)

Wearable Device to Reward Helping Behavior During Interaction with Public-Displays, Asmaa Shoala
(Alexandria University)

IT Innovation for Education: Customized Multi-Format Google Form, Chandani Shrestha (Benedict College)

Enterprise Software Tools – Agility with Quality, Sukhdeep Sidhu (Box)

Cross-species transfer learning of genetic regulatory networks, Elizabeth R. Silver (Carnegie Mellon University)

Big Data Analytics Aerospace Industry, Neha Singh (Arizona State University, Polytechnic)

Appropriate and Inappropriate Clarification Questions in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Rose Sloan (Yale University)

Leadership Development for STEM Women, Michelle Somerday (Neo-Strategic, LLC)

Developing Cloud-Aware Apps, Catherine Spence (Intel)

A Machine Learning Based Approach to Executive Functioning Disorders, Sanjana Srivastava (The Blake School)

Comparing App Inventor 2 and App Inventor Classic, Cali E. Stenson (Wellesley College)

Incremental Discovery of Prominent Situational Facts, Afroza Sultana (University of Texas at Arlington)

International Experience for Everyone Everywhere: The Skinny on Working Abroad, Teresa M. Talbot

Career Courage – Key to Success, Nirmala Tatikonda (Intel)

Reignite your passion for technology through mentoring girls, Anuranjita Tewary (Intuit)

High-performance Parallel Cache-oblivious Recursive Dynamic Programming with MM-like Flexible Kernels, Jesmin Jahan Tithi (Stony Brook University, State University of New York)

Get the Message Out ASAP: #researchproject, Nhu-Thuy Ton (University of the District of Columbia)

Trends in the Interests of Women Pursuing Computer Science, Christina Tong (Pomona College)

Data Analytic to Predict Notification System Performance, Roma Vachhani (Kean University)

Breaking out of the Resume, Alina M. Valero (Birchbox)

Gamification Of K¬12 Learning With Real World Incentives, Sarada Velagapudi (Mayera Software Solutions LLC)

Building the first Women in Technology community in Peru, Andrea Villanes (North Carolina State University)

Coral Vision: Software for Improving Efficiency in Coral Monitoring, Cory L. Walker (Washington and Lee University)

Data cleaning on date field of scanned books, Jing Xie (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Designing RNA Secondary Structures in Coding Regions, Rukhsana Yeasmin (Stony Brook University, State University of New York)

MOVH: Multi-Objective Vertical Hand-off Mechanism with Higher Scalability and Stability, Hafsa Zannat (BUET)

Massive Open Online Course Interface Requirements to Harness Collective Intelligence, Anna Zawilska (University of Oxford)

Adaptation as Integrated Endeavor: Learning from the Timeline Deployment Study, Saijing Zheng
(Pennsylvania State University)

Application design considerations for Google Glass, Veronica Zheng (Dropbox, Inc.)

ExtrHech: Open Information Extraction System for Spanish, Alisa Zhila (Center for Computing Research, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico)