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Testing for the Grace Hopper Celebration

*taps mic* Hello! Hello! *clears throat*

Hey Guys!!! This is my test post for the Grace Hopper Celebration I’ll be attending next month and if you can’t tell I’m very excited. You might has noticed how I said this is the test blog, you want to know why? Well I’m lucky enough to have the pleasure of live blogging while attending the conference!!! Ah yes, one small step towards my dream of blogging for technology advancement in the future.

Anyways I’m going to stop bugging you and list what I’m excited to learn about. I’m also leaving you the link so you can check out the schedule yourself.

  1. Learning how to use Github
  2. Learning how to tackle Linux better so I don’t have to Google so much
  3. Learning iOS and Android development skills
  4. Networking with cool people across the nation
  5. Checking out AZ for the first time in my life

Exciting right?!?! I know!!!! Well see you guys at the conference!

“Requested” Website:

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