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GHC2014 is coming up!

Ceeeelebrate good times, come on! Do do do do…

This time next Wednesday I’ll be in Arizona for the first time in my life, to celebrate women in computing. I’m excited for traveling to a new place, for all the talks I’ll hear, and for volunteering for the conference.

This event will make a big list of “firsts” for me:

  • First time to Arizona
  • First time to a computing conference
  • First time to leave college for 5 days straight during the semester 
    • This is actually kind of stressing me out a lot actually 
  • First time to an event aimed at women 
    • I’d really like to understand this huge push to get women into computing 
Side note: As excited as I am, all I can think about is how smart I am for thinking to bring a power strip since there probably won’t be as many outlets in our hotel room as there are devices (with four of us staying in the same room). I’ll be so prepared! 😀 
It’ll be a great experience I’m sure. 
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