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GHC14 What’s in my portfolio?

I wanted to share a few things that are in my portfolio as I pack for Grace Hopper. 

  1. Resumes
    • I have two variations of my resume and plenty of copies. A traditional resume, and a creative resume. 
  2. Business cards
    • Plenty of business cards to exchange while networking. 
  3. Fancy pen
    • It’s not fancy. It is a Zebra pen. You can buy them at Walmart
  4. Notepad
    • Legal size. You can pick them up at Staples. I use this to take notes and write code during interviews.  
  5. Thank you cards
    • I love stationary. I have a few thank you cards hidden because you don’t know when you will need some. 
  6. Gum 
    • You don’t want to be without it. (Just remember to spit it out before interviews).