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GHC2014 Day 1 Wrap-up

Outside of the Phoenix Convention Center around 6PM PDT.

I spent the majority of Wednesday panicking and making calls because the airline misplaced my luggage. Luckily, they called me right after the keynote talk (Shafi Goldwasser blew me away with her list of accomplishments and recognitions) and I was able to really focus on the conference.

Since it was around lunch time, two of my roommates and I went to Corner Bakery Cafe for lunch. I decided then that guac/bacon/turkey is one of the best combinations mankind has come up with.

We all stopped by the Student Opportunity Lab after lunch, where we could listen to 15-20 minute long talks about various career-related topics. I listened to “Tech Conference 101” and an intro to Data Science (the woman who gave the latter talk has me convinced that file storage and protection is a good field to get into).

After that, we went to the GitHub workshop, where I learned how version control with Git is *supposed* to work. It was great. The guy leading the workshop introduced us to Markdown, which is totally new to me.

Next up was the career fair. To call it a simple “career fair” is like calling the Statue of Liberty a “building.” I had never seen anything like it, and feel like words can’t really do it justice. Imagine someone’s spacious, expert-designed living room, with bookshelves and TVs and couches and drinks and snacks and books. Now add in a couple of recruiters and some free t-shirts and 8000+ women in computer science and you have a rough idea of what most of the company booths looked like.

I conked out around 8PM PDT after a long day and several straight nights of lackluster sleep (I just came from HackMIT over the weekend). Tomorrow, I’ll be covering two tech talks as a community volunteer, so I’m looking forward to those!

Photos to come.