Child Care at GHC – A Small Step Toward Inclusivity
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Child Care at GHC – A Small Step Toward Inclusivity

There are many reasons why women at tech organizations can feel isolated — biased cultures and a lack of role models and strong female leaders at the company are just a couple factors. Another big issue that poses barriers to women in technology (and many other industries as well), is the lack of safe, affordable and consistently available child care.

“Keeping women in tech requires a level of flexibility that must exist in the workforce,” says Kaoutar El Maghraoui, one of the program co-chairs for GHC. “Accessible day care can be really helpful.”

That’s why we’re providing free child care (for kids 0-13) to attendees during the Grace Hopper Celebration this year in Houston. The mission of GHC is to bring together women technologists under one roof to celebrate our achievements and support each other’s dreams and career goals. We want to make this opportunity available to all women – whether you have children or not.

“This is huge. As a mother of a toddler, I can’t imagine leaving my daughter for three days, and this allows me to be part of this conference, and to feel included for who I am,” says Noga Eshed Baror on GHC’s Facebook Page.

The Grace Hopper Celebration is all about encouraging everyone to feel included for who they are, and Noga’s enthusiasm for this added support is shared by many others.

Complimentary child care is provided courtesy of Corporate Kids Events, and kids will be participating in daily activities to keep them engaged and entertained during the three-day-long conference. They will also be provided with meals throughout the conference. Learn everything you need to know about getting registered, policies and other important information here.

We look forward to seeing you — and your kids — at GHC 2015!


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