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Systers in Seattle

I attended the Syster’s pre-GHC meetup in Seattle this evening, and I actually enjoyed the content!  I’m always skeptical of speaker-panel type events, but it was short and well presented.  Shout-out to speaker Vid Srinivasan for her sharing her tips!

I have to admit that I was a bit red in the face about some of the bad networking practices Vid brought up.  You know, the add everyone on LinkedIn person, and gotta catch ’em all business card people.  But, she’s right.  These aren’t real connections and they’re about as personable as the robots that follow you on Twitter.
Vid advised that you should only be aiming to make 5 solid connections at the conference.  Five.  That’s it?  But it makes sense.  You’re not going to mesh with everyone, and five would be five more than I got out of GHC14. Eheh.
The Syster’s meeting also went over ABI.local, basically starting chapters locally.  I wish I knew more because I’m totally down to get involved with that.  Probably should’ve talked to someone in charge after the meetup, but I was having too much fun networking!
For anyone not in-the-know about Systers, it’s basically a mailing list for technical women.  That’s it.  Sign-up, filter it, read it when you can.  It’s a great way to stay connected with women external to your company.  For any Big Tech company people out there, it’s your company’s -women@ list serv, but not exclusive to your company.
Other tips I have for GHC15.  If the restaurants around the convention center get filled up, there’s always Hooters!  Shameless admission, there was a Hooter’s across the street in Phoenix at GHC14 and uh my friend and I ate there because it was the only not-packed restaurant.  The waitresses were awesome and we had a great conversation about women in tech.  Grace Hopper is not the time to be judgmental.