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It’s Really Happening!

I’m really going to be at the Grace Hopper Celebration!

Okay, a little History.

Many months ago, Dayo, a friend, shared a link on facebook for the application. A little research on GHC and I enthusiastically  applied. Now, this application was for an all-expense-paid grant to attend the conference as I knew there weren’t many possibilities of my affording to go.

Boom! On June 27th I got an acceptance email. (Funny how some years ago, It would have been I got an acceptance letter!) That was the beginning.

I have never travelled out of Nigeria before so I began the process of securing a passport and a Visa.It was not the smoothest of all things to do, (I even mentally have a whole blog post lined up about my getting-an-American-Visa Experience) but eventually, I had both.

Now, it is exactly 9 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes to the conference and I can’t keep still. I am making notes about sessions and keynotes to prioritize and people/companies to meet. I am particularly interested in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and plan to shape my experience around those areas. Software engineering is also welcome as well, of course.

I’m also a little nervous as it is a little too many first times for me. First time travelling outside Nigeria, First time in America, First time at GHC.

For a sense of belonging, I dug through twitter with the Hashtag #GHC15 for people who are going to be attending too as I personally do not know anyone that is.

Apparently, the excitement is not exclusive to me! 😀

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Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.18.16 AM

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:)    What can I say?

Oh, and I volunteered for Blogging & Notetaking at this event. You should definitely look forward to a recap of everything I can possibly capture on this blog. Category is GHC15.

Too many thanks to my Sponsors Capital One who made this possible.

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