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Llamando a todas las Latinas!

One of the fondest memories I have is attending my first ever Latinas in Computing (LatinasinC) reception at Grace Hopper. I recall walking in the room filled with women who looked just like me. I was floored. Even though my alma mater was a Hispanic Serving Institution, there was only one other Latina (at the time) who was a Computer Science major. I’ve written about how I was feeling about being a Latina in tech prior to meeting Patty Lopez before but that night, I remember walking into a room filled with Latinas mingling, speaking spanish (or spanglish for me), munching on snacks and exchanging stories. I was quietly overjoyed to know that there were others who walked the path before me and plenty of other Latinas who are walking the same path.

I invite Latinas to join us for the Latinas in Computing Reception, Wednesday October 14th from 6:30-9 pm in the Ballroom Americas A Level 2 Hilton Americas. I’m hoping there will be empanadas or pan dulce but most of all I’m hoping you’ll join us. At the reception, you’ll find Latinas from industry and academia alike, in various points of their career and of all backgrounds who would be thrilled to meet you and share stories about what they’re currently doing, where they’ve been and where they are headed.

Most importantly, you’ll find very successful people around who want nothing more than to see you succeed. One of the greatest things about being apart of an organization like Systers or LatinasinC is you recognize that you aren’t alone. Ever. There will always be someone who can relate to the being a minority in the tech industry, the struggle of co workers honestly thinking that frijoles are better when they are made without lard, or sharing the love of your favorite novela.  

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