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“Write Once,Run Anywhere” The Mobile Developer Pipedream – Paola Castro -Notes

IMG_4616 (1)With the increased need to provide apps for numerous platforms namely, Android, iOS and the web, maintaining and scaling mobile applications is one of the greatest challenges for mobile developers.

In this session Paola spoke on the technologies that allow for maintaining a single code base, their pros and cons and SurveyMonkey’s strategy in this matter.


  • Best user interfaces for mobile devices are done natively
    Native app- is written in the language specific for that particular OS.
    Example- objective c, swift
  • Native OS/languages are optimized for user experience

It causes slower development to manage multiple platforms.

How to deal with these problems?

Establish requirements

  • navigation
  • gesture recognition
  • third party libraries,
  • html rendering

Decide on strategy

  • Frameworks approach
  • Hybrid approach

Implement- Native part of the Hybrid Approach

Choose Native features that work well on both platforms.(ie Swipe gesture)