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Yes! …Only a few hours left till GHC15 starts.

Many hours ago, I arrived in Houston for the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) of women in computing 2015.

Right now, I can almost feel GHC15 on my fingertips.

In a few hours the biggest convention of women in computing will be taking place and I am going to be witnessing it live.  I feel super excited and wide awake even though I should be asleep in order to be up early.

Well, because of the overwhelming nature of activities tomorrow, I decided to make a finite prioritized list of companies’ booths to visit. When I work through my list, I will have direction -I hope- and not end up walking around the George Brown convention centre confused-as I am prone to be when I don’t prioritize.

Marking out sessions to attend today is also on my to-do list before I go to bed.


See you there if you’re going to be there!