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Hilary Mason – “all in one: Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, CEO, Entrepreneur and such a great speaker”

GHC15 first day main keynote speech was the perfect combination of tech, career advice, research questions while still keeping the discussion at a level accessible for everyone. 

Hilary Mason: “I am a Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, CEO … and I look like all of them!” Like her starting paraphrase the talk was a very natural, relaxed pass through many of the different questions you can have when you are at the beginning of your career in tech. Creative way to use technology, Eg. neural networks algorithms to add spirit to your projects. How you can make your google map more lively by add a Mona Lisa background. Concise but descriptive overview of the different questions we might answer in data-science in the next 5 years. How the different technologies were key in the evolution of data science as we know it today. The Fast Forward research labs have so many creative, interesting projects. Take-away: Career in technology are hard to plan because it’s really hard to foresee how these are going to look like in 5 years.