Tips for Applying

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect submission.

  • Review all session formats and tracks. Pick a track that’s appropriate to your topic and a session format that works for your speaking style.
  • Apply to the correct track. If you apply to a track that is off-topic, we will not accept your submission.
  • If your topic or idea overlaps with multiple tracks, tailor your submission to one of those tracks for the best result.
  • Pay attention to our submission requirements. If you don’t follow the instructions, we will be unable to accept your submission!
  • Create a video explaining why we should select you to speak at GHC. While optional in 2016, including a video can add some personality and make your proposal stand out.
  • Include links of videos to your previous speaking engagements. You’ll see a question asking for this specific information.
  • Read through the entire provided template thoroughly. These templates offer directions and specific tips for that session format (see the yellow callouts).
  • Look through last year’s schedule. Do you see anything missing that you would like to see featured at GHC? Submit a proposal about a topic you’d like to see at GHC!
  • Our committee members like to see diverse submissions. If you’re applying for a panel, try to include speakers with a variety of technical backgrounds, from different organizations or who have distinct points of view.