GHC offers many valuable resources to students and academics alike, from our Student Opportunity Lab to tracks specifically designed to educate and inspire faculty. Our career fair, one of the largest in the U.S., earns a 97% satisfaction rate from our student survey respondents.

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about your field, network with new people and discover how you can further your career. We’ve compiled guides, tips, agendas and more for both students and academics.


For those who need financial help to attend GHC, you can apply for a GHC Scholarship.


Are you a undergraduate or graduate student? Looking for ways to begin your career in the tech field? Visit our Students Page to register for GHC, apply for a GHC Scholarship or view our Student Step-by-step Guide.


Want to connect with fellow academics, learn new information and discover new ways to teach and encourage your students? Visit our Academic Page to register for GHC, apply for a GHC Scholarship or view our Academic Step-by-step Guide.

Students and Academic Videos is recently launched a student orientation series, covering a range of topics from an overview of GHC, the conference from a student’s experience, networking tips for industry and academia, and a few of our programs at GHC. Our videos will help you prepare and provide you with tips and advice to make the most of your GHC experience.