Actions for Before GHC 2016

Congratulations on your scholarship! The GHC scholarship program is competitive and you should feel proud of your selection into the 2016 cohort. Make sure you complete these next steps to ensure your attendance at GHC is a success.

Your Grant

For students, GHC Scholarship includes conference registration, a prepaid meal card and hotel accommodations. In addition, your scholarship includes a travel stipend. We will disperse this stipend after verifies your attendance. When used wisely, it will cover:

  • Airfare & baggage fees (book as soon as possible for affordable flights)
  • Transportation to/from the airport
  • Meals on travel days
  • Other incidental travel costs

See our example budget to help you plan.

If you are a Faculty scholar, your scholarship covers the registration fee only.

Complete “Stage 2” of Your Application

  1. Log into your application.
  2. Select the “Application Part 2” tab.
  3. Click on your submission and complete stage 2 questions, including uploading your profile picture and requests for services at GHC such as child care and hotel accommodations.
  4. Save & submit.
  5. We will register you for the conference.

Once you get your registration confirmation, you can update your profile with any changes that may have occurred since you applied.

Please log in to your application  and accept or decline your scholarship by the date specified in your acceptance email.

Important note for student scholars: The GHC Scholarship stipend is considered taxable income in the U.S. You will be required to submit a W9 form, if you are a U.S. resident or a W8 BEN form, if you are a non-U.S. resident to, “ABI”. will mail a 1099 form to each U.S. scholarship recipient by January 31, 2017. The 1099 form is for your income tax reporting purposes.

Scholarship recipients are advised to retain any receipts related to conference travel (e.g., flight, baggage fees, transportation to and from airports, meal expenses) in case they are needed for tax reporting purposes. You can find more information here.

Plan Your Travel

GHC Scholar events kick off with a reception Tuesday evening, October 18. You should try to arrive in the early afternoon, so you don’t miss this networking event. We also host a Friday Evening Celebration that we encourage you to attend.

To get the full GHC experience, we recommend arriving in Houston Tuesday, October 18 and departing Saturday, October 22.

Book your air travel early to avoid costly tickets. We suggest you compare prices online at or

Tip: When searching for the most reasonably priced airfare look out for hidden fees (e.g., excess baggage, seat fees, etc.) so you’re not surprised with your overall out of pocket expenses.

You can find more information about transportation options in Houston, TX.

Plan for Your Hotel

We book hotel rooms for all student scholarship recipients for the nights of October 18-21, 2016 (4 nights, check in October 18 and check out October 22). You will share a room with one other GHC Scholarship Grant recipient. When you fill out “Stage 2” of your scholarship application, you can accept or decline the room we are holding for you.

If you wish to stay additional nights, you must contact the housing bureau directly. We will not make these arrangements for you. Scholarship recipients are responsible for additional fees for any extra nights. If you make your own arrangements, we will increase your stipend by $480 total.

We highly encourage student scholars to take advantage of the provided hotel room as shuttles will run from these hotels, and room rates will be higher if you book on your own.

You can find more information about hotel options in Houston, TX here.

Faculty Scholars: we highly encourage you to book your travel and hotel accommodations as early as possible in order to secure affordable accommodations near the conference.

Get Your Visa – International Students

Some scholars living outside the United States need to apply for a visa to attend GHC. If you require one, please apply as early as possible as it may take 2-3 months to receive a visa. We will provide those who accepted their scholarship with a letter for their application, but cannot offer any additional assistance. Please contact to request a visa letter.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of State website.

Join Communities

There are lots of opportunities to connect with each other and the community at large before meeting up in Houston. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Join our GHC Scholars Facebook Group. You must accept your scholarship before joining the group. Attending GHC is a great opportunity to expand your professional network, especially if you start making connections before the conference. This is a closed group and we will verify that you have been selected as a scholar prior to accepting your request. If your Facebook name is different than the name you applied under, please end a private message so we can verify your eligibility to join this group. We provide a lot of information to Scholars through our Facebook page.
  • Connect, follow and share with us on your favorite social network.
  • Sign up for Systers, the world’s largest email community of technical women in computing or ABI.Local, a network of locally organized communities that bring women technologists together in cities around the world.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive conference updates by email.

If you have other questions, you may email us. We look forward to meeting you in Houston!