GHC 16 Mobile App Released
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GHC 16 Mobile App Released

This year’s Grace Hopper Celebration will host close to 15,000 attendees, 600 speakers and a giant career fair. #GHC16 is fun, inspiring and a great chance to connect with women from around the world. Before you head to #GHC16, we strongly recommend you download the mobile app. The conference center is large, the crowds are excited, and it can get overwhelming. We provided you with everything you’ll need, right on your smartphone.

Mobile App Content

The app includes important information about the conference. It should be your go-to place for the most up-to-date resources. Like all conferences, we may need to make changes. The app will be the easiest way to get these updates and not miss anything.

Things to definitely take a look at:

  • Maps: The convention center is the size of multiple football fields and will be packed full of technologists whisking off to their next presentation or panel. There are also multiple buildings with conference events, so make sure you know where to go by finding it in the maps section first.
  • Sponsor profiles: Find out which organizations are here and what opportunities they have available.
  • Messages: Stay in touch with other attendees through in-app messaging.
  • Social: You don’t have to go to multiple places to be part of the conversation. Send your updates and photos directly from the app!
  • Conference Highlights: Don’t miss these great sessions and events.
  • Resources: General information about wi-fi, exhibiting and much more.

Download Instructions

Due to an earlier privacy concern, we have updated the login functionality. Please read these instructions for access the app.

iOS, Android and Window versions are available in their respective stores. You can also download any of them or view the web version of the app here.

To log in, you’ll need the email address you registered with (username) and your registration confirmation number (password). Not sure what your number is? You can ask for it here.

See you in Houston!

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