2018 Technical Executive Forum FAQ

General Questions

What is TEF?

The Technical Executive Forum (TEF) is a key Organizational Transformation program designed to guide organizations in creating more inclusive workplaces. The exclusive, invitation-only event provides an opportunity for C-level technical executives from AnitaB.org Partner companies to connect, collaborate, and learn best practices and actionable solutions for retaining and advancing women technologists.

When is TEF?

This year’s TEF is a full day event that will be held on Thursday, September 27th, 2018.

Where is TEF held?

This year’s TEF will be held during the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in Houston, Texas on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

How do I attend?

TEF is by invitation-only for C-level technical leaders from AnitaB.org’s Partner companies. Nominations for the 2018 Technical Executive Forum are now closed. Thank you to the many Partner companies that have provided nominations in a timely manner. Nominees submitted after today will be placed on a waitlist and considered if space is still available. For more information, view our Nomination Process.

2018 TEF

Who organizes TEF?

The TEF Organizing Committee comprises senior executive-level technical leaders from AnitaB.org Partner companies, leaders from the Quotidian Group, and AnitaB.org members.

A full list of the 2018 Organizing Committee can be found here.

What is this year’s TEF agenda and who is speaking?

You can find the TEF 18 Agenda as well as our TEF Featured Speakers here.

Where can I find information on GHC?

We expect GHC 18 to grow to 20,000 attendees. Visit our Attend page to learn about GHC, registrations, and more.


Is what we discuss in TEF disclosed to the public?

Conversations that take place during TEF are confidential. However, participating executives may share distilled insights more broadly with teams from their company.

Will my company’s participation in TEF be public?

We post the participating companies and organizations of TEF on our website but do not disclose the names of the executive participants.

Will TEF 18 have Rules of Engagement?

Yes. TEF 18 encourages all participants to practice respect of everyone’s privacy and anonymity. Please follow TEF 18 Rules of Engagement for more info.

More Questions?

Contact us to submit a specific question about TEF.