2018 Open Source Day

The 2018 Open Source Day is over.


Thursday, September 27 | 9:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m.

Open Source Day (OSD) provides women of all skill levels and backgrounds with the opportunity to collaborate and make a change. College students, professionals, experienced coders, and beginners join this day-long hackathon to develop projects for improving the world we live in.

Participants will develop these humanitarian projects using open source software (OSS). OSS is an increasingly important skill to have as companies often require an understanding of and ability to contribute to it. You will work in groups, gaining the opportunity to learn from each other as well as the experienced mentors there to guide you.

After the hackathon is over, your group will present your project to the other participants and sponsoring organizations. At the end of the day, you will leave OSD not only with a working prototype but also with new skills, a stronger network, and the confidence to begin your own open source projects.

If this sounds exciting to you, then join us at #GHC18 for OSD!


To sign up for Open Source Day, you must be registered to attend GHC 18.

OSD projects are sponsored by humanitarian companies or nonprofit organizations. Project descriptions are below. You will choose one project that you’d like to work on. Please also keep in mind that some projects may require brief prep work (no more than one to two hours total) prior to OSD. RSVP with the OSD organization of your choice (choose only one).

Red HatRed Hat

Project: OpenShift Container Platform

OpenShift is an open-source container orchestration platform that combines Docker’s containerization technology with Kubernetes’ container management tooling. Containerization provides a great number of advantages for hosting self-sustaining applications, and this workshop will focus on harnessing those advantages in application development for a philanthropic cause. Participants will leverage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to build and deploy a containerized service with an emphasis on creative application for the humanitarian effort of their choosing.

Helpful skills: Basic proficiency with Git and the command line


Project: FixMe

FixMe —Mozilla’s Open Source Student Network (OSSN) tool for connecting contributors with open source project who need them — needs your help! Leveraging the knowledge and opportunity of other Open Source Day projects in the room, we’ll be developing an HFOSS version of this platform.

Project work will be part sleuthing (researching HFOSS projects in the room) and part technical (development) as we launch this new version together!

Seize the opportunity to learn and work with React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Python

Helpful skills: Curiosity, basic JavaScript/HTML/CSS and/or basic Python


Project: Create Your Own Cloud for Humanity

Participants will create their own OpenStack cloud to facilitate creation of their own WordPress site. Using Devstack, they will also use OpenStack Heat to orchestrate the creation of this individual WordPress site. Participants will customize this to support humanitarian efforts.

Helpful skills: Basic Linux, Git, and WordPress


Project: Mentorship System

Mentorship System is an Android app that matches women so they can help and support one another in career development topics. One user is the mentor who will provide support and be an accountability partner. The other user is someone seeking mentorship and guidance. Both users agree to the mentorship relationship before the match is made, and have a period of time dedicated to the mentorship.

Basic features include:

  • A mentorship relation which will be between two users only, where both can focus on the mentee’s career development goals.
  • The ability to schedule meetings between the mentor and mentee, to agree on each others’ commitments to the relationship.
  • The ability to assign tasks to the mentee, which, when completed, become achievements of this mentorship relation.
  • Mentorship agreements where both agree on the time period, the topic of mentorship, and who is the mentor and mentee of the relationship.

Helpful skills: Novice familiarity with Android or some UI/UX experience (Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator)


Project: Oppia

Oppia is a free and open source education platform that lets anyone create interactive story-based lessons. Creators can personalize their lessons and give targeted feedback to students, helping them learn more effectively. In addition, they get analytics to help them discover where students are getting stuck or confused, so that they can improve their lessons over time. The Oppia platform also powers the main Oppia.org site, whose library currently hosts over 18,000 lessons used by more than 880,000 learners.

Ultimately, we want Oppia to be used to create lessons that students find both enjoyable and effective, and various trials and user studies with students from low-income backgrounds in India have shown significant positive results on both fronts. We’re currently working to make the techniques behind creating these lessons accessible to everyone, and build a library of really good lessons that any student or teacher can use for free.

Helpful skills: Knowledge of Git/GitHub, as well as the ability to program in either AngularJS or Python. Teaching experience is a bonus! Please click here if you would like links to resources on some of these technologies.

Women’s P2P NetworkWomen’s P2P Network

Project: Creating a Digital Support System for Global Women Candidates

“Electing Women” Toolkit — There is a growing global movement to increase the number of women elected to public office as a key to creating a safer, fairer, more prosperous world. But in every country, women political candidates face common challenges which create an uneven playing field with their male opponents. Frequently, women face harassment, threats, violence, and corruption, leading them to feel isolated and discouraged. This problem is compounded by other obstacles such as lack of funds, and challenges reaching out to constituents (who are frequently illiterate or may not have access to computers). Such obstacles often make it difficult to encourage women to run for office, and if they do run, to keep them from dropping out due to these pressures.

As a way to overcome these barriers, Women’s P2P Network is creating a “toolkit” in the form of (1) a web app and (2) an Android app that will connect women candidates to their local constituents as well as to one another in a supportive global community. The toolkit will also ultimately offer support services such as fundraising.

GHC 18 Projects — For the Open Source Day Hackathon, we will be focusing on one element of the Electing Women Toolkit: an Android app and web app. These apps will:

  • Enable women candidates to record and upload their stories of violence, threats, and other challenges using multiple media.
  • Stream women’s stories and allows other women to offer support.

The goal of the GHC projects will be to create a scaled-down demo that will allow for iteration with women’s organizations and supporters.

For further details about the project, as well as updates, please see our 2018 Open Source Day GitHub link.

Helpful skills: For details on skills, please visit:

Other skills that would be helpful are:

  • UI
  • Graphic design
  • Media streaming (for mobile app)
  • Knowledge of Facebook or Twitter Api’s a plus.