Academics Step-by-step Guide for GHC 18

There are a number of things you need to consider before attending the Grace Hopper Celebration, from covering costs to booking hotels and flights. Here are some steps and suggestions on how to plan a successful visit for your faculty and students.

1) Sponsor GHC

Encourage your academic institution to become a sponsor. Being a sponsor guarantees your institution a certain number of pre-paid registrations, branding, and visibility at the celebration. You will also have a booth, where you can advertise research positions, graduate school opportunities, and faculty positions, or convene with your students and alumni.

2) Fundraise

  • Involve everyone in your fundraising events and efforts: your alumni association, your department chair or dean, your students, etc.
  • Reach out to corporate sponsors or local companies that recruit from your department. Companies want to support their future employees and may provide funding for GHC. Be prepared to work with several entities, as one partner may not be able to cover the entire cost.
  • Prepare a cost breakdown and have a dollar amount in mind when asking for funds. Click here to view an example budget for students attending GHC. You can also use data from our impact report to convince funders of the impact GHC has on students and other attendees.
  • Collect testimonials and survey responses from students who previously attended GHC to convince funders of the importance and impact of the celebration. Be sure to collect and share responses from students after this year’s GHC as well.

3) Scholarships

GHC Scholarships are closed. However, we also recommend applying for other scholarship programs to attend GHC such as those offered by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and CRA-W. These programs are not part of the official Scholarship program, so check for more information on those programs with the company offering the scholarships.

4) Purchase Registrations for GHC

Only purchase registrations that you know your university will use, as they are nonrefundable.

Individual Registration for Students and Faculty
Individuals pay for registration upfront. If your funding policies require students to be reimbursed, you will need to use this type. Registrations open July 11, 2018.

Student Registration

  • Reach out to your students as early as possible to confirm their interest in attending GHC.
  • Register your students early as GHC is a very popular event, and registrations sell out quickly. Registration open July 11.
  • If some of your students have applied for a scholarship, do not purchase a registration for them until you know their application status.
  • If you don’t have funding to cover the trip for all your students, have a mini-application process to select your students. Some universities also make it a requirement for the students to apply for at least one external scholarship like a GHC Scholarship.

5) Book your Hotel and Flights

  • When booking your flight, remember to arrive in time for the morning keynote on Wednesday and stay through Friday evening so you don’t miss the Friday Night Celebration!
  • If you are an academic sponsor, confirm your students’ attendance before summer break. They will need time to plan their travels. GHC is the last week of September.
  • If you are booking as an individual, do not assume the discount airlines offer the best deal. These airlines may have expensive additional charges.
  • If you are booking as a group, work with a travel agency that can mix airlines as a roundtrip. This saves you from having to buy multiple one-way tickets.

6) Engage Your Faculty

  • Send a faculty member to GHC. Most universities will send at minimum one faculty mentor (often female) to accompany students and help them navigate the celebration.
  • Some of your students may not have attended an event like GHC previously. Work with their faculty mentor to give the students networking tips and other ways to make the most out of their GHC experience. Our curriculum series is a great place to start!
  • Spread the knowledge of GHC. After GHC, encourage faculty members to help students host a presentation/discussion on their experience for those who couldn’t attend in person.

7) Stay Up-to-date