Actions to Take Before GHC 18

Congratulations on your GHC scholarship! Our scholarship program is competitive and you should feel proud of your selection into the 2018 cohort. Make sure you complete these next steps to ensure your attendance at GHC is a success.

Your Scholarship Grant

For both students and faculty, the GHC Scholarship includes:

  • GHC registration.
  • Travel to/from GHC.
  • Hotel accommodations.
  • Stipend — You will receive a debit card when you pick up your GHC badge at the Scholar Registration window. You will have to provide ID to receive your stipend, so come prepared.

When used wisely, the stipend will cover:

  • Transportation to/from the airport.
  • Meals.
  • Other incidental travel costs.

Next Steps: Complete “Stage 2” of Your Application

After you receive your scholarship acceptance email, please log into your application and accept or decline your scholarship by the date specified in the email.

  1. Log into your application.
  2. Click on your To Do List and access your Stage 2 application.
  3. Complete Stage 2 questions, including uploading your profile picture and requests for services at GHC such as child care and hotel accommodations.
  4. Save & submit. will register you for GHC 18 in July. Once you get your email registration confirmation, you can update your profile with any changes that may have occurred since you applied.

Note About U.S. Taxes: The U.S. government may consider the GHC Scholarship taxable income. We advise scholarship recipients to retain any receipts related to GHC travel (e.g. baggage fees, transportation to and from airports, meal expenses) in case you need them for tax reporting purposes. You can find more information on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website.

Do Not Book Travel Yet! has contracted a vendor to make travel arrangements for you. Do not book travel yet! If you book your own flight, you will not be reimbursed. We will provide you with more information about making your travel arrangements in July.

Get Your Visa – International Scholars

Some scholars living outside the U.S. need to apply for a visa to attend GHC. If you require one, please apply as early as possible as it may take two to three months to receive a visa. We will provide those who accepted their scholarship with a letter for their application, but cannot offer any additional assistance. Please contact to request a visa letter. For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of State website.

Your Hotel

We book hotel rooms for all scholarship recipients for the nights of September 25—28, 2018 (four nights: check in September 25 and check out September 29).

Student scholars will share a room with another GHC Scholarship recipient. If you are bringing your child with you to GHC and can provide proof of travel for that child, you may request a single room.

Faculty scholars are assigned single rooms with no roommates.

If you wish to stay additional nights, these will be at your own expense. We highly recommend using Orchid Events as they are the GHC experts on accommodations. For more information, please contact Please note that we will not make these arrangements for you, and that you are responsible for additional fees for any extra nights.

Submit Your Resume

Prepare a resume and submit it to the GHC 18 Resume Database when it opens. Sponsors will access resumes prior to GHC and may contact you for in person interviews during GHC. Also be sure to bring hard copies of your resume along with you to GHC.

If you have other questions, please email us. We look forward to meeting you in Houston!