GHC 19 Speakers FAQ

Have questions about being a speaker at GHC 19? Check out our FAQ to learn more.

General Information Posters

General Information

When can I submit a proposal for GHC?

Our Call for Participation occurs each year from January to March. The 2019 Call for Participation opens January 16 at 9 a.m. PT and closes March 6 at 5 p.m. PT.

What benefits do accepted speakers receive?

More info will be provided at a later time.

How long can my submission be?

Proposals are limited to four pages: three pages for submission content and one page for speaker bios. Please note that we do not have a minimum page requirement, but encourage you to use as much of the allowed space to effectively explain your proposal.

Do I have to include references in my submission?

Yes. We will not review submissions that do not contain all sections of the required format. We also highly recommend that you adequately utilize the space provided when filling out your submission.

If I submitted a proposal last year and it was accepted, can I submit it again?

Yes, you may submit your proposal again. Your proposal will go through the same process it did in previous year.

Are men able to submit proposals for GHC?

Of course! Although GHC is designed to support and highlight women in computing, we do not restrict who can submit proposals as long as they follow the specific session format requirements and guidelines.

Are there templates or examples of previously accepted submissions available?

Yes, we provide a template that you must use for your submission. You may also review submission examples from previous years for reference. See our 2019 template and past submission examples here.

If I am accepted to speak at a different conference, can I still submit a proposal GHC?

Yes. As long as you can commit to attending GHC, you are welcome to submit a proposal.

Can someone submit a proposal for more than one track?

Yes, although you must use a different session format (panel, poster, mentoring circle, workshop, presentation, or tech meetup) for each track you submit to.

For example: If you submitted a presentation for the Artificial Intelligence track, you could not submit a presentation for the Data Science track; however, you could submit a panel or workshop session for the Data Science track.

Can someone submit a proposal using more than one session format?

Yes, but you can only submit or participate in one proposal for each session format (panel, poster, mentoring circle, workshop, presentation, or tech meetup). If you are listed on more than one proposal for a session format, all submissions will automatically be disqualified for not following the guidelines.

For example: If you submit a panel session as the moderator and a colleague submits a separate panel session listing you as a panelist, we will disqualify both submissions.

If I submit a proposal for a panel or workshop, can provide the speakers for that session?

No, does not provide speakers. If you submit a proposal that requires more than one speaker, you must identify those speakers. If you do not, we will disqualify your submission for not following the submission requirements.

Can I submit a video with my proposal?

Yes, if you have a video to go along with your proposal, please submit it. The GHC 19 Track Committee will view the video along with the other submission materials.

If I am submitting a proposal for a presentation, can I list two or more authors on the proposal, but commit to having only one speaker?

No. All authors listed on your proposal must commit to speaking at GHC. If you include more people on your proposal than the submission requirements allow, we will disqualify your submission.

Can the moderator of a panel be from the same organization as one of the panelists?

No. Every person listed on the submission and proposal, including the moderator, must be from different organizations. If you do not follow this requirement, we will disqualify your proposal.

Can I get an extension to submit my proposal after the CFP closes?

No, we do not grant extensions. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete your submission before the deadline.

Will you make any exceptions for proposals that do not have the minimum or maximum number of speakers?

No, we will not make any exceptions. Each submission type has different requirements that you must follow in order for us to review your submission.

Can I update my submission after the deadline?

No. Once the submission deadline passes, you will not be able to update your submission. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete any updates before the deadline.

Can I submit a proposal for something I have presented at another conference?

Yes, you can submit a proposal for any of our session formats even if you have presented it at another conference.


Can I submit more than one poster?

No, we only allow one poster submission per person.

How do I apply to participate in the ACM Student Research Competition?

To apply to participate in the ACM Student Research Competition (ACM SRC), you must fill out the form to submit a poster for the GHC 19 Poster Session. Inside the form, you can confirm whether you want your poster to be also considered for the ACM SRC.

Can I apply to participate in the ACM Student Research Competition (ACM SRC) if I already applied to participate in another conference's ACM SRC?

Yes; however, if you are selected to participate in one ACM SRC, you cannot accept to participate in another one during the same year (April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020).