GHC 19 Speakers FAQ

Have questions about being a speaker at GHC 19? Check out our FAQ to learn more.

General Information Posters

General Information

My submission was accepted, what do I do now?

You need to complete Stage 2 by June 12. This includes providing any updates to your session title and description, completing your bio, and providing a headshot. You also need to make sure you are registered to addend GHC.

When will I know what day and time my session will be?

Once the schedule is finalized, we will send schedule information via email. We expect to have the schedule finalized mid-summer.

Can I bring my own laptop to present from?

We require speakers to use the laptops provided in each session room. These laptops are connected to the Speaker Ready Room System that you are required to upload your presentation to before your session starts.

I need to bring equipment to my session. What do I need to do?

Please contact us at to discuss logistics.

I can no longer attend GHC and speak. What should I do?

You have the option to submit a Speaker Change Request to nominate a replacement. All requests are subject to the approval of If you want to cancel your session completely, please submit a Speaker Change Request and select the cancel option.

When will the presentation slide template be available?

You can download the slide template here.

Do I have to use the template provides?

Yes, you are required to use the template we provide.

Can I add a speaker or facilitator to my session?

If the addition of a speaker or facilitator does not violate the maximum speakers/facilitators allowed in your session, yes. Please submit a Speaker Change Request to have the speaker/facilitator added. All additions are subject to the approval of

Can I update the title of my session?

You are welcome to update the title of your session until June 12. After this time, you will not be able to make any updates to the title of your session.

Can I update the description of my session?

You are welcome to update the description of your session until June 12. After this time, you will not be able to make any updates to the description of your session.

Can I remove a speaker or facilitator from my session?

If by removing a speaker or facilitator, your session still meets the format requirements, yes, you can. You’ll need to complete a Speaker Change Request before we are able to remove anyone. If your session doesn’t meet the session format requirements, you’ll need to find a replacement and then submit a Speaker Change Request.

Will I be able to practice for my session on site?

Yes! We will have a speaker practice space for you to use at the Orange County Convention Center. More details will be available in the summer.

Am I required to check in once I get to GHC?

Yes, you need to check in at the main registration desk to receive your GHC badge. Also, at least four (4) hours before your session, you are required to visit one of the Speaker Ready Rooms to check in and learn how to use the system.


Can I choose someone who will replace me at GHC?

If you are a selected poster presenter and you cannot attend GHC, you may select one of your research partners to come present the poster in your place. The person who will replace you must have worked significantly on the research project and must be able to talk extensively about the project to all level attendees (beginners, experts, judges). Fill out a Speaker Change Request to do this.

We are two students who worked on the poster. Can we both come present at GHC?

No, only one poster presenter per poster. The accepted presenter will receive complimentary registration to GHC. The other student(s) who worked on the project can come to GHC, but they must purchase their own registration. General registration will open in July 2019.

Is there a specific day and time where I should present my poster?

Yes, the specific day and time where you should present your poster will be emailed to you in July. You are required to be present during the entire specific poster session (2.5 hours).

Will I present my poster in front of a large crowd?

No. The poster session area is an open space. Attendees will walk around the poster area and stop in front of the posters they are interested in. You will present your poster to the attendees who stop at your poster (usually one to four attendees at a time). Be prepared to present your poster multiple times to different types of attendees (beginners, experts, judges).

Do I need to provide my poster before GHC?

No. You do not need to send us your final poster for approval. Print your poster prior to GHC and bring it with you.

What size should my poster be?

The maximum poster size is 4′ x 4′. This means your poster may be smaller than 4’ x 4’ but it cannot be larger than 4′ x 4′.

Where can I print my poster?

You can print your poster at any printing shop. FedEx and Office Depot are two examples.