Students Step-by-step Guide for GHC 19

When preparing for GHC, you have to consider a number of things, including how to cover costs and how to arrange for hotels and flights. Here are some steps you can take to have a successful experience at GHC.

1) Plan Your Budget

Apply to Programs

We offer various programs that provide financial assistance for attending GHC, including:

  • GHC Scholarships — Our official scholarships cover registration, travel, hotel, and meal expenses. They are open to undergraduate and graduate students. GHC 19 Scholarship applications are closed.
  • Hoppers — Selected individuals receive complimentary registration to GHC in exchange for volunteering at the celebration. Hoppers pay for their own airfare, hotel and other expenses. Applications open May 2019.
  • Poster Session — Have research to share and on which to get feedback? Apply to present a poster and participate to the ACM Student Research Competition. ACM offers travel rewards to participants and cash prizes to the finalists.

Check with your department

  • Ask your department if they will sponsor your attendance at GHC. Some schools provide scholarships or help fund students’ trips to  professional development events.
  • Prepare a cost breakdown and have a dollar amount in mind when asking for funds. You can also use data from our impact report to demonstrate to your department the impact GHC has on students and other attendees.
  • Find others within your program or at your school who plan to attend. See if you can share a hotel room or cab fare.

Outside of your school

  • Are you involved in any groups outside of school like a women’s group? Ask if they’d like to fund you as a representative from the group, and offer to provide a presentation on what you learned.
  • Organizations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and CRA-W offer scholarships for GHC. These programs are not part of the official Scholarship program, so you’ll need to do your own research on when they open and how to apply.

2) Register for GHC

GHC registrations open in July.

3) Book Hotels and Flights

  • If you’re going with a group from your university, talk to your department to see if they are arranging for flights and hotels.
  • If you are booking as an individual, do not assume the discount airlines always offer the best deals. These airlines may tack on expensive additional charges.
  • When booking your flight, remember to arrive in time for the morning keynote on Wednesday and stay through Friday evening so you don’t miss the Evening Celebration!
  • Stay at a GHC-affiliated hotel to take advantage of the complimentary shuttle.
  • Pre-purchase shuttle service to/from the airport/hotel to avoid costly taxi trips.

4) Prepare to Network

  • Watch our Networking Tips for GHC Attendees video to hear important networking advice.
  • Work with your faculty mentor or career services at your university to get networking tips. They may have other suggestions on how to make the most out of your GHC experience.
  • Prepare a 30-second elevator pitch to deliver to prospective employers or academic institutions.
  • Prepare a resume. Submit it to the resume database when it opens and have hard copies on hand at the celebration.
  • Connect with previous GHC attendees and ask them about their own experiences and advice.

5) Stay Up-to-date