2020 FAQ

Below are common questions we receive about GHC 20, grouped by audience. This year, GHC will be held virtually.

General Attendees Sponsors Exhibitors
Speakers & Presenters Scholars

General Attendees

When is GHC?

The 2020 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) will take place September 29 – October 2, 2020.

What dates should I plan to be in Orlando?

The 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration will be held virtually.

When will registration open?

Registration will open this summer. More details to come!

Do you have an age requirement for GHC?

You must be 18 years of age to attend GHC. Students under the age of 18 are required to execute and submit a Chaperone Agreement and Release Form at the time of registration. Chaperones must purchase their own individual general registration.

When will hotel information be available?

Hotel reservations will open later this year. More details to come.

How much should I budget to attend GHC?

GHC will be held virtually this year. More details to follow.

Can a list of GHC registrants be provided?

To respect the privacy of all GHC registrants, we do not divulge or share registration information. Prior to GHC, and once on-site, there will be many ways in which to network with other registrants.

What is the attire at GHC?

Casual to business dress is appropriate.

Can my child(ren) or guest attend any of the sessions or events?

Unfortunately, attendance is limited to registered attendees. Guests and anyone under the age of 18 are not allowed into any session, Expo, or activity.

Whom should I contact if I have special dietary needs?

Although there will be a wide variety of food options available, we cannot guarantee that every dietary need will be addressed. If you have a food allergy or religious restriction, please contact your hotel directly to see how it can best accommodate your dietary requirements. Alternatively, you could research local grocery options or bring approved food items with you.

While we strive to provide a nut-free environment, we cannot guarantee all meals will not have nuts (including the child care center).

Please be aware that while there will be gluten-free options available, there may be cross contamination in the kitchens. Those with celiac or other medical requirements should make alternate arrangements including local grocery options or bringing dietary approved items with you.



When will sponsorships become available?

GHC 20 Sales open for Partners on February 26 and for Sponsors on March 3.

Can I purchase a career fair or interview booth without sponsoring GHC?

No, you must be a GHC sponsor to exhibit.

Can we use the GHC logo on our website or SWAG items?

Any use of the logo, or co-branding with the Celebration, must be approved in advance by AnitaB.org. Please email your request to GHC@AnitaB.org.

Can we use Grace Hopper’s image in any of my materials?

AnitaB.org does not own the rights to Grace’s likeness, and cannot share any images or designs with third parties. Your organization will need to make arrangements with the Hopper estate to receive permission. If you would like to use the Grace Hopper Celebration logo or the name of the event, please email your request to GHC@AnitaB.org.


What is the GHC Exhibitor Reference Guide?

The GHC Exhibitor Reference Guide is designed to assist sponsors in the planning process, and provides all necessary details to ensure an organization’s successful participation in the Expo portion of the Celebration. The guide includes details about the Expo location, hours, move-in and move-out hours, vendors, booth packages, early access to the Expo Halls during non-public hours, and exhibit rules and regulations. This guide will be available later this year.

What is the GHC Exhibitor Service Manual? When will I receive the Manual?

The GHC Exhibitor Service Manual contains resources before, during, and after your expo for ordering a wide range of products and services as well as assessing important Expo information, including labor/service order forms, key contacts, shipping instructions, union rules and regulations, and order/billing information. This manual will be available later this year.

Who is Freeman?

Freeman is the GHC official convention services contractor. They are a nationally renowned general contractor for trade shows, events, and exhibits.

What is Freeman Online? When can I access this site?

Freeman Online is a comprehensive expo portal for exhibitors. It is designed for easy access to all the information pertaining to your Expo. Freeman Online enables exhibitors to access important event info, order products and services, track freight, submit services requests, review insurance requirements, submit booth design, receive time-saving notifications, simplify move-out, and review order summary. The primary contact listed in the sponsorship agreement will receive Freeman Online access later this year.

What is material handling?

Material handling are services performed by Freeman, which includes delivery of exhibit materials from the dock to assigned space, removing empty crates, returning crates at the end of the event for re-crating, and delivering materials back to the dock for carrier loading. It is a two-way charge for both incoming and outgoing. These services are sometimes referred to as “drayage.”

Speakers & Presenters

Who is considered a speaker?

Speakers are those whom we accepted through the formal Call for Participation (CFP) process, including panel moderators and panelists, people making presentations, workshop facilitators, tech meetup facilitators, mentoring circle mentors, and poster presenters.

Can we find out how many submissions there were for a particular track or overall to GHC?

Each year, our Call for Participation (CFP) generates hundreds of submissions for talks, workshops, meetups, mentoring circles, and panels. While we would like to accept every great submission we get, due to limited program slots, our Conference Leadership Team must make some hard decisions about what to accept. Our review process is outlined here.

To protect the integrity of our CFP review process, we do not disclose submission information outside of the review process. Submitters are individually notified of acceptance decisions on June 10.

Have more specific questions? Check out the speaker specific FAQ here.