GHC 20 Speakers FAQ

Have questions about being a speaker at GHC 20? Check out our FAQ to learn more.

General Information Posters

General Information

When can I submit a proposal for GHC?

The 2020 Call for Participation opens February 4 at 9 a.m. PT and closes April 1 at 5 p.m. PT.

If accepted, what benefits are given to speakers?

If accepted, speakers will receive complimentary registration for all four days of the Celebration. We will provide access to a negotiated hotel block, but will not cover this expense.

How long can my submission be?

Proposals are limited to four pages: three pages for your content and one for your bio. Please note we do not have a minimum page requirement, but encourage you to use as much of the allowed space to effectively explain your proposal. Submissions of less than two pages are rarely accepted.

Do I have to include references in my submission?

Yes, submissions that do not contain all sections of the required format may not be reviewed. Best practices for highly rated submissions include completing all sections of the required format and adequately utilizing the space provided.

If I submitted a proposal last year and it was accepted, can I submit again?

Yes, you may submit again. Your proposal will go through the same process it did in previous year.

Are men able to submit proposals for GHC?

Of course! Although GHC is a celebration of women in computing, we do not restrict who can submit proposals as long as the submission format and requirements are followed.

Are there templates or examples of previously accepted submissions available?

Yes, we provide a template that we expect submitters to follow as well as provide examples from previous years. You can view these materials here.

Does being accepted to a different conference restrict me from submitting to GHC?

No, as long as you can commit to attending GHC if accepted, you are not restricted.

Can someone submit to more than one track?

Technically, yes. However, there are some stipulations. If you are submitting to more than one track, you cannot submit using the same session format. For example, if you submit a presentation in the Artificial Intelligence track, you cannot submit a presentation in the Data Science track. You must select and follow the requirements of a different submission type.

Can someone submit a proposal using more than one submission type?

Technically, yes. You can submit/participate in one proposal for each submission type. If you are listed on more than one proposal for a submission type, all submissions will automatically be disqualified for not following the guidelines.

Can I submit a proposal for a Panel or Workshop and have provide the speakers?

No, does not provide speakers. If you submit a proposal that requires more than one speaker, you must have those speakers identified, and they must commit to speaking at GHC 20. If you do not, your submission will be disqualified for not following the submission requirements.

Can I submit a video with my proposal?

Yes! If you have a video to go along with your proposal, please submit it. The committee will view the video along with the other submission materials.

If I am submitting a proposal for a presentation, can I put down two or more authors on the proposal, but commit to only one speaker?

No, if you list two authors on your proposal, they both must commit to speak. Only speakers that commit to speak will receive speaker benefits. Additionally, any speakers above the allowable number included on the submission paper will not be considered and will not be eligible any speaker benefits.

Can the moderator of a Panel be from the same organization as one of the Panelists?

No, every person listed on the submission and proposal, including the moderator must be from different organizations. If you do not follow this requirement when submitting, your proposal will be disqualified. Presentations, Workshops, and Mentoring Circles speakers can be from the same organization.

Can I get an extension to submit to the CFP?

No, we do not grant extensions. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete your submission.

Will you make an exception to the minimum/maximum number of speakers?

No, we will not make an exception. Each submission type has different requirements that you must follow in order for your submission to be reviewed.

Can I update my submission after the deadline?

No, once the submission deadline passes you will not be able to update your submission. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete any updates before the deadline.

Do you accept proposals for Keynotes or Featured Speakers in CFP?

No, our CFP process is only for our track breakout sessions.


Do I need to submit the poster itself somewhere?

No. For the Call for Participation, the complete submission form is sufficient (including abstract and proposal). You don’t need to submit the poster itself.

Can I choose someone who will replace me at GHC?

If you are a selected poster presenter and you cannot attend GHC, you may select one of your research partners to come present the poster in your place. The person who will replace you must have worked significantly on the research project and must be able to talk extensively about the project to all level attendees (beginners, experts, judges). We will open our Speaker Change Request form after CFP closes.

We are two students who worked on the poster. Can we both come present at GHC?

Yes, you can both come present the post at GHC. You may take turns or do it together. However, ONLY ONE student will receive a complimentary registration to GHC. The second student will need to pay for their registration.

Is there a specific day and time where I should present my poster?

Yes, the specific day and time where you should present your poster will be emailed to you in July. You are required to be present during the entire specific poster session (2.5 hours).

Will I present my poster in front of a large crowd?

No. The poster session area is an open space. Attendees will walk around the poster area and stop in front of the posters they are interested in. You will present your poster to the attendees who stop at your poster (usually one to four attendees at a time). Be prepared to present your poster multiple times to different types of attendees (beginners, experts, judges).

Do I need to provide my poster before GHC?

No. You do not need to send us your final poster for approval. Print your poster prior to GHC and bring it with you.

What size should my poster be?

The maximum poster size is 4′ x 4′. This means your poster may be smaller than 4’ x 4’ but it cannot be larger than 4′ x 4′.

Where can I print my poster?

You can print your poster at any printing shop. FedEx and Office Depot are two examples.