vGHC Career Fair Extension Sponsor Resources

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The vGHC Career Fair Extension will be held on November 17 and 18 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT.

Sponsors, view the resources and FAQs below for training videos, guidance, and tips to set up your meeting schedule(s) to prepare to meet with candidates:


General Materials

  • Guide to the Employer Web Portal (link)
  • Instructions for virtual fairs (link)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (link)


  • How to create my schedule (video)
  • How to create a schedule for a teammate (video)
  • How to invite a colleague without a schedule (video)
  • How to change my schedule’s timings (video)
  • How to block off time slots (video)
  • How to download my schedule (video)
  • How to join meetings/see reservations (video)
  • How to set prerequisites (video)
  • How to share schedules (link)
  • How to change the assigned recruiter on a schedule (video)
  • How to edit my profile (video)


  • When you get an error accessing our page (link)
  • What to do when your network is blocking access (link)
  • How to access the system in China (link)

Weekly Webinars

If you have more questions, we run weekly webinars for recruiters.

  • Tuesday Morning (ET) Webinar: link
  • Thursday Afternoon (ET) Webinar: link

Recordings for Past Trainings

AnitaB.org vGHC Extension Career Fair Specific Training

Career Fair Plus General Weekly Platform Trainings


vGHC Career Fair Extension Sponsor FAQs

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