ABIE Awards
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ABIE Awards

At AnitaB.org, we celebrate and recognize the success of women technologists through the ABIE Awards. A series of these awards are presented at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. Find out more about these awards.

The winners of the 2015 ABIE Awards given at GHC were announced in September.

ABIE Awards at GHC

Technical Leadership ABIE Award – given to a woman technologists who demonstrates leadership through her technological contributions and achievements.

Social Impact ABIE Award – recognizes those making a positive impact on women, technology and society. It is awarded to both males and females.

Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award – honors a junior faculty member for high-quality research and significant impact on diversity.

A Richard Newton Educator ABIE Award – given to educators who are developing innovative teaching practices and approaches to attract women to computing, engineering and math.

Change Agent ABIE Awards – recognizes women who have created opportunities for girls and women in technology. We give two of these each year at GHC to non-US residents.