Ana Roca Castro
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Ana Roca Castro

Ana Roca Castro is the Founder and CEO of ​Genius Plaza​, a high growth edtech company serving more than 50 million of the world’s poorest children in more than 30 countries. Starting her career at Columbia University’s School of Public Health, she implemented the first school-based clinics in Washington Heights and Harlem. At the United Nations, Ana’s experience implementing the Oracle Learning Management System led her to the magic of Computer Science and global impact.

In 2008, Ana became a social entrepreneur and started her first tech venture by creating a highly secured social network for diplomats and ambassadors. After the acquisition, Ana and her team started to help businesses and organizations achieve their capacity building objectives via state-of-the-art application development. They developed a series of educational platforms and over 100 educational games. Her latest startup Genius Plaza is dedicated to closing the achievement gap particularly among children of recent immigrants and at-risk students. Genius Plaza is helping district and government leaders track and improve the health and academic outcomes of their children from the day they are born until they graduate from high school.

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