Look What’s Happening at vGHC 21

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We have so much to offer at vGHC 21 this year!

Here’s a glimpse at everything attendees will experience over the 5-day Celebration.

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networking loungesGet ready to mingle and connect with like-minded women technologists in these all-inclusive virtual networking lounges. It’s a new feature we think you’ll love, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!”. Here are our lounges:
—Early Career Lounge
—Mid-Career Lounge
—Senior Career Lounge
—Systers Lounge
—Academic Lounge
—Women of Color in Technical Roles Lounges (2)
—Black Women in Tech Lounge
—Latinas in Tech Lounge
—LGBTQIA+ in Technical Roles Lounge
—Civic Tech Lounge

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