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Exciting Features and Programming

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We have so much to offer at vGHC 21 this year!

Here’s a glimpse at everything attendees will experience over the 5-day Celebration.

All Eyes Keynotes


When Keynotes are live, no other programming will be offered, so you can take advantage of hearing from these amazing industry leaders and experts.

Featured Sessions

Featured Sessions

These flagship breakout sessions will present the most popular content for all attendees to enjoy. You will hear presentations by industry leaders.

AnitaB.org On-Demand Content

Anita Borg On-Demand Studio

Named in honor of our Founder, Anita Borg, this channel provides community-driven, high-quality content that attendees can consume anytime.

1:1 Meetings

1:1 Meetings

Think of this as the opportunity to connect and meet with Sponsors and hiring managers looking to fill open positions within their organization. Sign ups open the week of vGHC 21 to connect one-on-one with Sponsors!

Sponsor Hall

THE destination to connect with all the organizations that have come together for the Celebration this year. Learn more by exploring their booths and interacting via chat. Our Sponsors include corporations, academia, non-profits, governments, and labs.

Live Desk

Live Desk

Everything you need to know about vGHC21 – in ONE place! This is the main stage and live studio throughout vGHC 21, where we will showcase Keynotes, fireside chats, featured sessions, stories from each day, special segments and more. You will not want to miss this!



The writing is on the wall! Learn about the most innovative and breakthrough research and emerging advances currently happening in tech. These posters are original research results from participants in industry and Academia, including students. The poster session showcases new ideas in up-and-coming technology and potential trends. Definitely put this on your list to check out.

speakers corner

Speakers' Corner

Join this Speakers’ Corner to connect with the amazing speakers below. Be sure to watch their session in the Anita Borg On Demand Studio before joining and bring your questions!

Active Sessions

Active Sessions

Active sessions will provide you with unique and meaningful ways to recharge your day and rejuvenate your mind and body that extend beyond technology. These sessions will add a unique flavor and flair to your vGHC 21 experience.

Resume Database

Resume Database

Let your next big career opportunity find you! If you haven’t already, submit your resume to the Virtual GHC Resume Database 2021. All Sponsors attending our Celebration will have access to viewing your resume and can potentially reach out.

This is a must!

Open Source Day (OSD)

Code rules the internet! Are you interested in learning about one of the most in-demand skillsets in the world? Participate in this all-day hackathon (including workshops), in which attendees of all skill levels learn about Open Source, while contributing to projects designed to solve real world problems.



Students, Faculty and Staff, these specially-programmed sessions are just for you. They are focused on topics and technology pertinent to Academia. Be sure to check out the agenda, when available, to learn more.


vGHC 21 Celebration

Get ready to enjoy the vGHC 21 Celebration, our highly-anticipated event, full of fun and excitement, and engaging for the audience. Last year, attendees learned various styles of dance featuring energetic music. You’re in for a treat this year! 😊



Included with every vGHC 21 registration purchased this year, our Premium Membership moves women ahead in their careers with content, connections, and learning. Through our 365 resources, it addresses the holistic needs of wellness, finances, and confidence through a technical lens.

Networking Lounges

networking loungesGet ready to mingle and connect with like-minded women technologists in these all-inclusive virtual networking lounges. It’s a new feature we think you’ll love, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!”. Here are our lounges:
—Early Career Lounge
—Mid-Career Lounge
—Senior Career Lounge
—Systers Lounge
—Academic Lounge
—Women of Color in Technical Roles Lounges (2)
—Black Women in Tech Lounge
—Latinas in Tech Lounge
—LGBTQIA+ in Technical Roles Lounge
—Civic Tech Lounge

2021 Keynotes & Speakers

Hear from experts and industry leaders who are voices of our community.

View Speakers!

2021 Abie Award Winners

See our Award Winners.

View Winners!

2020 Impact Report

See all we had to offer for the 2020 Celebration!

View Report!

2021 Sponsors and Patrons

Meet Our vGHC 21 Sponsors

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