Living our Mission at GHC 23 in Florida  

For the past 26 years, has worked to connect, inspire, and advance women and non-binary technologists to reach their highest potential. At the heart of our efforts is Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), a global gathering that brings together thousands of tech professionals to learn, network, celebrate their achievements, and thrive. 

Despite the warm welcome GHC and its 25,000 attendees have received from Orlando over the past five years, recent actions by the Florida Legislature and Governor are inflicting harms that override the goodwill of local communities and impose harsh state-mandated restrictions that challenge our mission and hurt our Members. Therefore, Grace Hopper Celebration 2023 will conclude our investment in Florida, and we will not return until this legislation is overturned and the state becomes more welcoming to all.   

The Florida State Legislature has demonstrated they intend to erase the identities and dignities of people from historically marginalized and excluded groups, including Black, Brown, LGBTQIA+, and Indigenous people. Recent legislation also restricts access to reproductive healthcare [Learn more – Article, Bill], overturns gun safety laws [Learn more – Article, Bill], promotes racial prejudice [Learn more – Article, Bill], and censors educators [Learn more – Article, Bill]. 

To combat this regressive legislation and ensure our final Celebration in Florida mitigates the challenges created by state elected leaders, we intend on working with organizations including Equality Florida, NAACP, and Florida Immigrant Coalition. We will support their efforts on the ground in Florida, and we encourage others to do so as well.   

For Grace Hopper Celebration 2023, we’re including additional security measures and working with Orlando city leaders and partners to create a gender-affirming, successful event. As GHC leaves the state, will be doubling support for the local Florida community. While we are leaving Florida after this year’s event, we are not abandoning the cause. We will use our platform and our voice to elevate the message that we stand up for all our Members, and that dignity, respect, and equal protection are values that we will always seek to uphold.  

Since its inception, Grace Hopper Celebration has always been about community,” said Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of “That community is made up of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, career levels, age groups, physical abilities, identities, and many more. We at are very proud of our diversity because that diversity is our strength. We owe it to our community…to those women and non-binary technologists…to be vigilant.  

We call on you to stand together with those doing the daily work on the ground in Florida. Come and connect with others from around the world who share our values and commitment to inclusion, equity, and innovation. For further questions, please contact 

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