Advancing Inclusion Faculty Scholarships

Advancing Inclusion Faculty Scholarships


Applications have closed and decision notifications will be sent on April 22nd, 2024

Advancing Inclusion Faculty Scholarships

Women and non-binary individuals who are faculty members of all ranks gain access to year-round career and academic workshops, networking opportunities, and inspirational role models, as well as the opportunity to earn complimentary virtual registration to Grace Hopper Celebration.

Program Benefits:

  • GHC virtual registration
  • Premium Membership Benefits for 1 year
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Academic and Technical Events and Resources
  • Community of fellow women and non-binary technologists
  • & More!

Program Expectations

  • Participate in all pre-GHC 24 Advancing Inclusion Scholars events (virtual)
  • Participate in all post-GHC 24 Advancing Inclusion Scholars events (virtual)
  • Attend at least 3 Membership events throughout the year
  • Attend at least 3 virtual workshops/sessions at Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Participation in all evaluation surveys
  • Consistent communication with program staff and cohort members


  • You must be teaching at an accredited higher education institution (college, community college or university, etc.) at the time of the celebration.
  • You must teach in a degree program such as, but not limited to: computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, human-computer interaction, math, physics, or management information systems
  • Faculty will be required to provide proof of academic affiliation when registering for Grace Hopper Celebration

If you receive an Advancing Inclusion Faculty Scholarship and do not notify that you cannot attend the Celebration, you will not be eligible in future years as this takes an opportunity away from another individual that could have attended.

Please note that as a U.S.-based organization, we must comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including those regarding financial transactions with certain countries and individuals. We will contact you if these laws and regulations affect your complimentary registration/grant or if we require more information to make such a decision. You may obtain additional details regarding the laws and regulations referenced above by visiting this website.

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