Why Florida?



We know many of our community members are asking themselves, “Why are you hosting GHC in Florida?” It’s a valid question given the continued onslaught of legislation aimed at further devaluing and harming American citizens because they are women, identify as LGBTQ+, want to accurately teach our nation’s history, and so on. These attacks on human dignity stand in direct opposition to our mission and vision, and we vehemently oppose each of them.

In making the decision to follow through with our longstanding contractual obligations, we met with local leaders and community organizations advocating for human rights in Florida to understand how we can use our resources to raise visibility of local efforts and galvanize the members of our global community to affect change. Ultimately, we determined it is more crucial than ever to show up and support the women and non-binary technologists that call Florida home. We have an opportunity to make our voices heard at GHC 22 in Orlando, and we encourage you to join us if you can. If you cannot, for any reason, we understand and respect your decision. We hope you’ll join us virtually and continue to support AnitaB.org as we fight for a just future in tech and beyond.

Article: AnitaB.orgs Responds to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay, Don’t Say Trans” Bill


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