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Thanks for your interest in GHC 23! Session submissions closed on April 26, 2023. However, if you’d like to learn more about the CFP process, you can find that information here. To be contacted about CFP open for GHC 24, please subscribe to one of our newsletters.

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Step 1 – Review CFP Page

Review the GHC 23 CFP page in full.

Step 2 – Choose Track & Session Format

Choose the track and session format that best corresponds to the content you want to present at GHC 23. (See the GHC 23 CFP page for details.)

Step 3 – Review CFP Questions

Download a copy of the GHC 23 CFP questions and review the questions that correspond to your chosen session format. We recommend drafting your responses in a separate document before using the submission form.

Step 4 – Review CFP Checklist

Review the GHC 23 CFP checklist to ensure your proposal is the best it can be.

Step 5 – Choose the Primary Contact

Choose the primary contact for your session. All sessions must have a single primary contact who is responsible for coordinating the session and distributing communications between and the speaking team. (Usually, the primary contact is a speaker of the proposed session. In rare cases the primary contact may be someone such as an event coordinator at the speaking team’s company, for example.)

Step 6 – Go to the Submission Form

Go to the form that corresponds to your chosen session format to submit your proposal.

  • Career Conversation
  • Level Up Lab
  • Lecture
  • Networking Session
  • Lightning Talk
  • Panel
  • Open Source Day Project
  • Open Source Day Workshop

Step 7 – Submit the Proposal

The primary contact should use their email address to create an account on the GHC 23 CFP platform and submit the proposal. Click the Continue button to create an account. (These credentials are not connected to other or GHC accounts.)

Enter session and speaker information.

The primary contact should enter their information on both the Session Info and Speaker Info tabs. On the Speaker Info tab, enter the primary contact’s information first (the Person 1 position) regardless of whether they are a speaker of the proposed session. (Additional speakers can be added using the Add+ button at the top of the form.) See the submission form for more context.

Click the Complete button to submit. (Data is not saved automatically. You must click Complete to save.)

Step 8 – Make Edits After Submission

Make edits to your session via the GHC 23 speaker portal until Wednesday, April 26 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Anyone connected to the session proposal can edit the submission. The session submitter/primary contact can access the proposal with the credentials they used to submit it. Other speakers connected to the proposal can make edits by creating an account and logging into the CFP platform with the email address entered in the session submission.


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