Additional Event Sponsorships

GHC 2015 is over. See our 2016 Additional Sponsorships.

In 2014, 92% of attendees rated the quality of GHC as excellent/good. Sponsoring additional special events, lunches, meet-ups, and services throughout the conference helps improve the quality for all. Attendees overwhelmingly report that they are greatly inspired by the role models and feel less isolated after attending GHC.

At GHC, you will:

  • Enhance Your Corporate Reputation
  • Find Top Talent
  • Inspire and Engage Your Women Technologists

I have been to many conferences over my career and they all pale in comparison. I came back energized and determined to bring as many women from all levels of my organization back with me next year! – Brenda Wilkerson, Senior Manager, CS and IT Education

For additional sponsorship opportunities and benefits, click here.

Sponsorships are closed.