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Before GHC

We will be hosting three video hangouts to answer your questions about GHC.

Get the Most out of the GHC Program
September 24, 2015 at 3 p.m. PST
Speakers: Stuti Badoni, GHC Program Manager and Roshni Kasad, Senior Program Manager of Academic Initiatives
Join us on Google Hangout or Youtube

Prepare for GHC
September 29, 2015 at 4 p.m. PST
Speaker: Carol Gustaveson, Senior Director of Business Development
Join us on Google Hangout or Youtube

Last Minute Q&A
October 6, 2015 at 4 p.m. PST
Speaker: Rhonda Leiva, Program Administrator of Academic Initiatives and Roshni Kasad, Senior Program Manager of Academic Initiatives
Join us on Google Hangout or Youtube

Accept Your Grant by July 10, 2015

Your GHC Scholarship Grant includes conference registration, a prepaid meal card and hotel accommodations. In addition, your scholarship includes a travel grant, which will reimbursed after you attend the conference. Please log in to your application and accept or decline your scholarship by July 10.

Complete “Stage 2” of Your Scholarship Application by July 10, 2015

After you accept your scholarship, you must complete the second stage of your application. If you do not complete this stage by July 10, you will forfeit your scholarship.

Register for GHC by July 10, 2015

Scholarship recipients receive complimentary registration. Please follow the instructions below.

If you have already registered for the conference, DO NOT register again. Please contact us, so we can modify your existing registration and issue a refund.

Registration Instructions:

  • Register using the link included in your acceptance letter
  • Use the same email address to register as you used for your scholarship application. Enter the code included in your acceptance email.
  • Be sure to click “Finish” at the bottom of the final page.

 Book Your Travel As Soon As Possible

GHC Scholars who received a travel grant are eligible to submit a reimbursement request after the conference. The travel grant may be used to pay for airfare, luggage fees, ground transportation and meals while traveling.

GHC Scholars are responsible for making and paying upfront for their own travel arrangements. We recommend arriving Tuesday afternoon, October 13 and departing Saturday, October 17. There will be a reception for scholars Tuesday evening, so try to arrive by the early afternoon afternoon. We request you book reasonably priced, coach class airfare, as we cannot fully reimburse your flight ticket if it is an unreasonable amount. We suggest you compare prices online at or

You can find more information about transportation options in Houston, TX here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must keep your original receipts in order to be reimbursed. Upgrades and travel insurance are not reimbursable.

Hotel Information booked hotel reservations for all scholarship recipients for the nights of October 13-17, 2015 (4 nights, check in October 13th and check out October 17th). You will be sharing a room with one other GHC Scholarship Grant recipient. When you fill out “stage 2” of your scholarship application, you can accept or decline the room we are holding for you. You can also request a roommate if they are also a GHC scholarship recipient.

If you wish to stay additional nights, you must contact the housing bureau directly. will not make these arrangements for you. Scholarship recipients are responsible for any additional fees for extra nights. If you make your own arrangements, you can be reimbursed up to $120 per night for the nights listed above. You can find more information about hotel options in Houston, TX here.


Some students living outside the United States need to apply for a visa to attend GHC. If you require a visa, please apply as early as possible as it may take 2-3 months to receive a visa. will provide those who require a visa with a letter for their application, but cannot provide any additional assistance. For more information please visit the US Department of State website.

Join Communities

As a recipient of the GHC Scholarship Grant you are invited to join our GHC Scholars Facebook Group. Attending GHC is a great opportunity to expand your professional network, especially if you start making connections before the conference.

  • Connect, follow and share with us on your favorite social network.
  • Join Systers, the world’s largest email community of technical women in computing.
  • Subscribe to newsletter to receive conference updates by email.

If you have other questions, you may email us. We look forward to meeting you in Houston!