Grace Hopper Celebration 2014

Its been close to 2years! since I last posted on this blog, well a lot has happened all of it amazing!!! I Started this blog as my other blog as a trial to my web/blog development obsession. I love everything about web development and I know one day I will be so good at it.
2014 has/is been my year! At times I wonder how I got here but I love it here.
Have you heard of GraceHopper Celebration?? Well if not : The Grace Hopper Celebration(GHC) of Women in Computing is the World’s Largest Gathering of Women Technologists. It is produced by and presented in partnership with ACM.
Early this year, I applied (Last Minute!)for a scholarship to attend the GHC 2014. I had read about it sometime in 2013 since then I have really wanted to go. For some reason I feel I will find answers to my questions concerning Computer science career! So in July 2014 I got the email!!!I have been awarded the scholarship to attend the GHC2014,For me Christmas has come early!
Being able to attend GHC is a dream come true, GHC is a one stop shop here you find mentorship,career guidance, new networks, possible employment the list goes on and on. A door to endless possibilities has been opened My main goal at the GHC is to network! make contacts with as many women as I can. Learn more about GHC and here