Open Source Day

Open Source Day
Hosted by Open Stack
Open source day is the day everyone gets to save the world in some shape or form for the first time. I worked with the Open Stack group, and we had a couple of topics to choose from. I could set up two web servers with a load balancer, set up two web servers with a load balancer and a database server, set up two web servers with a load balancer and 2 database servers with a load balancer, or set up a web server with a database server with data backup in cloud files. I honestly chose none of these options.

Before the coding began I was able to grab these notes...
       1. Blocks to cloud computing
       2. What is automated employment
       3. How to approach design
              plan for failure
              plan for redundancy
              plan for easy recovery
              plan for data backups
              plan for fail over

I personally had computer issues getting python, pip, and the command line to work in harmony. I don't have any real working knowledge of any of the mentioned topics (minus servers more on that in a later post), so I was in a new world and I was basically learning everything. I actually got to work with people form different countries and jobs around the world. If I learned nothing else, I learned that if you want to be a "real" programmer you need to know command line.

I'm glad I came to an event in which I have no knowledge of because, now I can see if I really want to keep focusing on this industry or knock it off my list. The level of experience in the room was amazing. I would like to thank my team leader, Victoria, and anyone else that helped me with my wonderful terminal issues. Hacks allow one to not only learn, but network with people from different areas and companies.

I just happened to be the least experience on my team but I got some excellent tips. I would recommend that everyone try an open source day once in life. Just think of how much knowledge you could gain in one event. The only thing I regret when looking back is that I forgot to take a picture of my team. :(

P.S. To win those "million dollar jobs" learn command line