Grace Hopper 2015: Hardware Hackathon Workshop

On the last day of the Grace Hopper Celebration, I attended Come Hack With Us: A Hardware Hackathon at GHC which was presented by Stacie Hibino and Anna Billstrom. The workshop was sponsored in part by Chibitronics, and we spent much of the workshop le...

Beyond Growth Hacking: A Recap. #GHC15

panelistOne of the compelling sessions I attended at GHC15 was the Beyond Growth Hacking Session. Panelists were: Winnie Wang(Airbnb), Molly Long(Uber), Miri Pruzan(Facebook), Erica Lockheimer(Linkedin),  Vivian Qu(Pinterest).  (Notice that I have used the colors of the panelists’ shirts in the photo to highlight their names accordingly. I’ll use the same colors in further mentions of their names.) Hosted by […]

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Post GHC15 Networking.

Like a Boss. I hope you enjoyed your time in Houston. I also hoped you met, networked with and connected with a lot of female technologists! This week is follow up week AKA the most important week of the year. Don’t let all of that networkin...