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Going to a conference can be exciting and expensive. There are a lot of ways posted online to help cut costs. Sometimes, even with the best of advice,  more costs cutting measures have to be made. What to do?

Break out your thinking caps ladies. Let’s get creative.

  • Registration
    • Early bird gets the worm! There are early bird specials when you register the moment they announce registration is open.
  • Hotel
    • Find a buddy and bunk up to cut costs. Seriously. Worse comes to worse you make a new buddy. G.H. has an ongoing discussion on Linkedin connecting people who are looking for roommates.
    • Airbnb– they’re sponsors so why not use their product? You can cut costs by finding a room close to the convention center and staying there for the night.
  • Flight
    • Like to travel? Goodie! Save those miles up and redeem them for your ticket to wherever G.H. is. This year, I used some of my miles (25k) and paid $11.20 for my round trip flight to Phoenix. (Note: make sure to book early though and you may not get the best flight so be prepared.)
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