GHC14 General Poster Session

The poster session is an amazing way for students to show off their research. The best thing about it? There is such a range of topics and areas of computing covered. I sat in on a couple of speakers as they gave an overview of their poster and of course they were amazing. I wanted to mention a couple of posters currently on display. 

  •  Finger Blood Flow Monitoring Using Smart Phones
    • Shanti Thiyaharaja and Ram Dantu 
  • Surviving and Thriving at Job Fairs
    • Mariyam Miza, Beth Kelly, Liz Borowsky, Shoshana Gourdin (Akamai Technologies) 
  • Extending Blockly to Improve App Inventor
    • Xixi „Shirley“ Lu
  • Anita’s Quilt-Find Your Spark
    • Sarah Asif 
  • Empowering Women in Technology Colleges in Latin America
    • Isis Ibarra Garcia

Feel free to swing by Poster avenue and see what people are working on!  

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