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Jahr: 2014

GHC14 Best of Programming Languages: Introducing Swift Playgrounds

We have to be their role models..

— Michelle Six

I relatively new to Apple products. I’ve had my Air for nearly 2 years and my iPhone 5 for a little over a year. I’ve adjusted well and actually have a preference for their operating systems. I was so intrigued by ibeacon technology when it was announced that I ordered a set of Estimote beacons, learned Objective-C and built an iOS application. Naturally when Swift was announced at WWDC, I was interested. 


Michelle Six (Apple) began by mentioning Xcode (free on the app store) and gave 6 facts about herself. They included things like she enjoys word games and math puzzles, she was 9 when she built her first computer and she is a daughter of a mad scientist and lived in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The moment she said Los Alamos, the X Files jumped in my head. seriously. 

Six also brought along a nanosecond (30 cm) and spoke a bit about Grace Hopper. I was happy she did this, as it is so important to know and recognize women who have paved the way. Back to Swift- Six walked us through some basic arithmetic, showing us how playgrounds update continuously. We also learned about key fundamentals  (like int, variables, functions, imports) and built a simple Guess the number game. Six took it up a notch and gave examples of more advanced arithmetic, walking us through and explaining each step of the way.  

I was immediately inspired and wrote down four different mini projects I wanted to try. I really enjoyed the idea of having a console that would continuously update and recognized how I could use playgrounds to teach my niece how to program. 

Six talked about Swift Guided Tour and showed us how easy it was to use and briefly mentioned the Swift Programming Language (book). She proposed that we find someone who has never programmed a day in their life and introduce them to Swift. I’m totally taking that challenge. 

Six seems really down to earth, funny and gave an amazing talk. I’m hoping she not only returns for future talks but also returns to give talks on more advanced levels. I adored her Keynote presentation (I should mention I have a sweet spot for Keynote) and can easily put her on the list of must meet people at Grace Hopper.

Learn all about Swift here

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GHC14: Security: Multiple Talks

With: Morgan Eisler, Shelly Bird, Runa A. SandvikVisualizing Privacy: Using (Usable) Short Form Privacy PoliciesMorgan Eisler, @mogasaur, works at Lookout, a mobile security company.  This year over 2 billion people worldwide use the internet – mo…

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GHC ’14: Advancing the Work from Home Option

The Thursday afternoon Advancing the Work from Home Option Birds of a Feather (BoF) session, led by IBM engineer Lauren J. Schaefer, offered a chance for attendees to share tips for working from home, to network, and to brainstorm on how to encourage o…

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GHC2014: Doing Good with Technology

Pretty photo to come.This is post 2/4 of talks I’m covering for the GHC community. You can view the wiki page here for more information!When I grow up, I want to have a career where I know for certain my work is making a positive impact. Aside fro…

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The Dynamics of Hyper Effective Teams

I love me some interactive workshops. This afternoon I went to the GHC session “The Dynamics of Hyper Effective Teams” and it was a really valuable experience to give me tools to look at my pattern and comfort-zone when it comes to 1) contributing to my team in a group setting, 2) looking at my […]

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Winning at the Game of Office Politics

Here at the second day of Grace Hopper Celebration 2014 we have just had Megan Smith, the CTO of the USA as the surprise of the day, and later Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella was interviewed on stage. My day continues with Jo Miller’s leadership workshop:”Winning the game of office politics”. I must admit that I […]

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GHC14: Accountability and Metrics for Gender Diversity

Panelists: Laszlo Bock, SVP People Operations, Google; Danielle Brown, Cheif of Staff, Intel; Theresa Kushner, VP of Enterprise Information Management, VMware; Denise Menelly, Shared Service Operations Eecutive for Global echnology and Operations, BofA…

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GHC14 General Poster Session

The poster session is an amazing way for students to show off their research. The best thing about it? There is such a range of topics and areas of computing covered. I sat in on a couple of speakers as they gave an overview of their poster and of cour…

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GHC2014: Integrating Gaming and Fitness Panel

From left to right: Miko (Microsoft), Katherine (Sevencut), Ellen (GTech) and Amber (Salesforce)This is post 1/4 of talks I’m covering as a volunteer for the GHC community. You can view the wiki page here to find more information!I’ve played a lot of D…

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GHC14: Dance Guide 101

Let’s take a moment to remember our middle school dances. Awkward. 

 I hope you remembered to pack your dancing shoes! The conference offers two dances, both to be a blast. 

    Disclaimer: I’ll be honest and say I have two left feet and only know where my hips are without the slightest idea of how to sway them. 


Let’s break down the dances 

Dance One: 

    A smaller version of the end of conference celebration dance, filled with music of all sorts. Surely to prep you for the E.O.C. celebration dance. Last year, I was delighted to dance the night away with my new friends, and cool off with some ice cream (bomb stick mmm). We danced everything from salsa to hip hop, formed more than one Congo line and had miniature dance offs. Can’t dance? Neither can I and it doesn’t matter. The dances are another way to meet new people, make new friends, and a great alternative to hitting the gym.  

Thursday, 8:30 -12:00 AM ,North 120 Ballroom 

End of Conference Celebration: 

    Sweet tooth lovers unite! The end of conference celebration is a do not miss event! Microsoft and Google sponsor the event and boy do they know how to put on a party. Pick up a t shirt from either one (Note*  *In past years, the shirts have run a bit small, so keep that in mind) or both. Last year, a stand up comedian made us laugh while we dined on all sorts of sweets. 

And by sweets I mean: 

  • Ice cream station (full fledged, with nuts, sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream)
  • Cake pops 
  • Cookies, Brownies 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Water and coffee are served as well. 

Glow sticks are passed around and the dance begins. The DJ spins beats that span everything from electronic to pop (and all things in between). 

It’s hard to put into words what the end of dance feels like. Sure it’s bittersweet but it’s also a new beginning. For some people, the conference offers affirmation, for others, it’s a refreshing reminder that they aren’t alone-ever. It is simply amazing. 

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