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Emerging Tech

Internet of Things (IoT)/ Wearable Tech Track

The focus of this technical track is the growth of technology, devices, and processes that are connected to the Internet and how that impacts our society. We are specifically looking for submissions related to:

  • Wearable Computing – sensors, RFID, mobile computing devices, how data is collected/analyzed, wireless technologies
  • System design – computing, networking, storage architectures in support of IoT
  • IoT Applications and Services
    • Manufacturing Automation – how connection to the Internet impacts the global supply chain and logistics
    • Medicine and Healthcare – virtual healthcare
    • Smart living – connected cities, smart homes, digitized economy, education, automotive
    • Environment – changes for sustainable and renewable resources – energy, food, agriculture, water supplies, waste reduction
    • Safety and Security – identifying, tucking and monitoring of objects and subjects
  • Potential Challenges – privacy, ethics, scalability, reliability

Valid Submission Formats (Please Read): Presentations/Lightning Talks,  PanelsWorkshopsBirds of a Feather. Click the links for more information and for Starter Templates.

Content Level: Intermediate, Advanced technical content only.