My (Caroline) Nguyen Tra
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My (Caroline) Nguyen Tra

My (Caroline) Nguyen Tra, originally from Vietnam, is an undergraduate student at Dickinson College pursuing a degree in computer science and mathematics. She is currently a teaching assistant for the computer science & mathematics department as well as a student assistant for the Center for Global Study and Engagement. Caroline attended GHC in 2013 and was a volunteer for the Open Source Day where she created an Android app using Eclipse. She strongly believes in the effort to have more women in technology and wants women to believe they are good enough to be in this field of work.

“I think about how much I have achieved: I went to the Grace Hopper Conference 2013 for the first time and I got an amazing IT internship for the summer—and I did it all by myself. I do not want to be hesitant ever again. And I do not want any girl like me to be hesitant either. I want the ratio at the programming contests to significantly change.”

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