Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez

Senior Analyst, Wayfair

Maria Gomez is a Senior Technical Analyst on Wayfair’s Advanced Analytics team. Her subgroup focuses on using analytics, statistics, and ML techniques to incubate new capabilities in the merchandising space. She breaks down ambiguous problems to generate hypotheses that are tested via proofs of concepts.

Maria graduated from Northwestern University majoring in Economics. Prior to joining Wayfair, she interned at Visa working on marketing strategies for B2B products. She originally joined Wayfair as an Account Manager but by embracing a learning mindset, she gained enough technical skills to switch into a technical role.

In August 2019, she spoke on a Wayfair panel focusing on “Owning your own development,” where she shared her experience of learning new skills on the job and seeking the right mentorship to work towards switching career tracks. She is a mentor to peers, providing tips on learning technical skills on the job and on switching into a technical role.

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