Aditi Maheshwari

Aditi Maheshwari

Technology R&D Associate Principal, Accenture Labs

As a research scientist at Accenture Labs, Aditi frequently presents research prototypes and gives demos to large groups of clients who visit Accenture Labs, both in-person and virtually. Aside from multiple internal presentations, she has presented her smart materials research at large innovation events such as the annual Accenture Tech Launch and the Annual Accenture Eco-Innovation Challenge. She has also spoken at external conferences like GHC’20 and given invited talks to multiple geographically diverse groups in Accenture.

Aditi Maheshwari is a research scientist working on smart materials in the Future technologies R&D group at Accenture Labs in San Francisco. Her work is centered around conducting applied research, user studies, and developing novel proofs-of-concept of smart materials across industries. Currently, she is focused on human-centered, sustainability-driven technologies, and next-generation wearables.

Aditi holds a Master’s in Material Science and Engineering from Stanford University. Her graduate research was focused on the design of smart electrochromic devices,
energy materials, organic thin-film devices, and the use of 2D layered materials in electrochemical systems for ultrafast switching applications.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Polymer Sciences and Chemical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India. During her undergraduate degree, she worked on biomaterials for antimicrobial cosmetic films and improved surgical implants.

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