Eden Canlilar

Eden Canlilar

Emerging Technologist Abie Award Winner

Award Description:

The Emerging Technologist Abie Award is an award that highlights the creative ways women in technology confront problems and seek solutions. We want to celebrate women who are still early in their careers and have the potential to shape the future of their fields for years to come.

The Emerging Technologist Abie Award recognizes a midcareer woman technologist in the first 10 years of her technical career. She uses her leadership and technological talents in high impact initiatives and is making important contributions to the advancement of women in technology.

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Eden Canlilar

Lead Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Eden’s 7-year career as a data scientist has focused primarily on machine learning, artificial intelligence, trend analysis, natural language processing (NLP), micro web app development, data visualization and UI/UX design.

She has developed data driven case selection models for the IRS, quantitatively evaluated veteran programs at the VA for their effectiveness in combating veteran suicide rates, designed recommender models using NLP for the Department of Labor, and curated complex data management tools for the Department of Energy. More recently, she has been experimenting with some of the latest trends and technologies around NLP and web development tools.

Eden has been developing advanced software tools in the machine learning space and applying them to the real-world problems of one of the most scientifically sophisticated branches of the U.S. Government: her most recent high-impact technology product has been implemented at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E). ARPA-E is the high-risk/high-reward research arm of the Department, with a primary mission of funding disruptive technology research to bring the U.S. energy infrastructure into the future.

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