Open Source Day: Planning Committee and Mentors

Apply to be a Mentor

Application period:

  • Applications are now closed for vGHC 20. Thank you for your interest!

Registration benefits:

  • This opportunity provides an all-access pass for vGHC 20 and a bonus Membership opportunity with 1-year On-Demand Content.


  • To be successful as an OSD mentor, besides feeling comfortable with a project tech stack, you will need to feel comfortable using git, communicating in code reviews and mentoring others.
  • Upon being accepted, you will be required to get to know your assigned project/s and issues, and verify that setup is working and issues include all needed information.
  • You will also need to attend an hour-long training that will take place in September.
  • On the day of OSD, Thursday, October 1, 2020, you will be required to be available from 8:30am to 6:00pm PT to help with setup, engage and answer participants’ questions, and submit solutions to issues.

Open Source Day (OSD) is an opportunity for GHC attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds to collaborate and make an impact by creating code that benefits the global community. Many of these attendees will be contributing to open source projects for the first time at OSD.  To support them and ensure their experience is positive and fun, we are looking for mentors that will walk the attendees through finding a project and an issue, working on a solution, and then going through the code review process to close the issue.

Planning Committee applications are closed for GHC 20.

The Open Source Day Planning Committee is an imperative part of creating OSD. As a planning committee member, you will participate in planning from start to finish doing anything from marketing, project planning, designing the structure of OSD, working with external organizations to bring them on as OSD project leaders and ensure they are ready for OSD, reaching out to attendees to make sure they know what to expect, and/or executing OSD during GHC.


Note: Our Open Source Day (OSD) Committee is separate from our Open Source Track Committee.