Committee Members and Scholarship Reviewers

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Applications open soon for vGHC 21. In the meantime, check out the various opportunities below for more information.

Interested in helping shape Grace Hopper Celebration? Committee members directly impact the program by helping identify which scholars and speakers attend.

Application Period

Open in March 2021

Registration benefits

Please stay tuned.

Scholarship Review Committee

Each year, offers Scholarships that enable scholars to attend Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), held virtually for 2021. We recruit hundreds of committee members to assist with reviewing applications.

Help us identify students, faculty, and boot camp students and graduates who will attend vGHC 21 on a scholarship.


  • Be able to commit 7 non-consecutive hours during the month of May 2021.
  • Be able to review and rate a minimum of 20 applications.
  • Technical background not required.
  • Students enrolled full time at a 2- or 4- year institution are not eligible to be reviewers.

Poster Session Committee

Submissions for the Poster Session are technical. Your co-chairs will assign you posters that best represent your area of expertise. You will review the poster submissions and rate them based on criteria provided by your co-chairs.

Track Committee

Track committee volunteers directly impact the GHC program. During our formal Call for Participation (CFP) process, track committee volunteers review CFP submissions to decide who will speak at GHC. You will rate each submission based on criteria provided to you by your track’s co-chairs. When selecting which track you would like to review, please select the one that best represents your area of expertise. See a list of our 2021 tracks.

Mentoring Circles Committee

This interactive mentoring session lets attendees seek personalized advice regarding their career or academic endeavors, in small groups. The topics of the submissions will be related to career opportunities, job search, tools for success at work, or academic paths. You will review the mentors’ submissions and rate them based on criteria provided by our co-chairs.

With thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers, GHC is a major event that requires a lot of hard work to set up and run. That’s why we’re so grateful to the thousands of volunteers who help make GHC such a success year after year.