GHC Research Mentors and Poster Judges

At GHC: Research Mentor

GHC research mentors will be matched with one or more poster presenter according to their area of research/expertise. The research mentor will come at a specific time and day during GHC to examine the poster and give advice on how to improve the research project.

At GHC: Poster Judge

Student research is essential to the growth of technology. Be a GHC poster judge and evaluate the posters of the students who participate in the ACM Student Research Competition. Prizes and awards will be attributed to six finalists.

Judges evaluate the students and their posters on:

  • Quality.
  • Clarity of visual and oral presentation.
  • Significance of work.


Application period:

  • Applications open mid-summer.

Registration benefits:

  • This opportunity does not provide a free registration to GHC.


  • You must already be registered to attend GHC.
  • You must have a Ph.D.
  • Students may not apply.