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  • Changing of the Guard: Welcome to the New ABI President and CEO
    At the opening keynote of this year's Grace Hopper Celebration, eighteen thousand technical women got to meet's new President and CEO, Brenda Darden Wilkerson. She introduced herself as a warm, eloquent, and passionate lady. She and outgoing CEO Telle Whitney made a touching video in which Telle passes the proverbial torch to Brenda, heralding an exciting new era for the organization.***I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Telle over the last number of years. A talented ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 05-10-17
  • Tips for GHC First Timers
    Just in time for your last-minute packing, here are some amazing tips for first-timers to GHC written by fellow committee member Faye Cheng.01) Push yourself out of your comfort zoneGHC provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to form genuine connections and conversations with fellow attendees. This conference brings together people from all over the world, and you can explore various tech-related topics and conversations with pretty much anyone -- and chances are they’re equally excited to chat with you too! ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 02-10-17
  • The Low-down on Speaking at GHC17
    So you're speaking at GHC17. What do you need to know? How can you prepare to be the best you can be? How do you calm your nerves?!Although I wasn't lucky enough to have any submissions accepted to this year's conference, I have spoken at Grace Hopper before along with many other venues. Let me start by reassuring you that this is one of the very best places to present. I have rarely found a more wonderfully supportive audience.Let's get ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 28-09-17
  • Childcare at GHC
    Are you a mom in computing planning on attending Grace Hopper this year? Then I highly recommend considering bringing your kid(s). Not only is there a huge opportunity to visit Disney while you're already in Orlando (shh, I'm planning on surprising my daughter with this), but the childcare option is top notch. And it's FREE!I brought the whole family to Grace Hopper 2012 in Baltimore when my daughter was ten months old. We made a road trip out of it, ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 15-09-17
  • Traveling to Orlando and Packing Tips for GHC
    This will be my fourth time attending the Grace Hopper Celebration and I get just as excited as the first time I attended.  There are so many things to see and do but to have the best experience possible, you need to prepare before you go.  Here is my essential list of tips on travel and what to bring.What to BringComfortable ShoesPack two pair of shoes – one casual pair and one professional pair.  DON’T PACK HEELS!  GHC is huge. ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 12-09-17
  • ABIE Awards
    There are a number of women technologists around the world who commit their work and time on making the world a better place for the future generations. In honor of their commitment to the social responsibility, awards them with ABIE awards every year.Each year these awesome women will be honored with a cash prize, and all expense paid trip to GHC and an opportunity to speak at GHC to motivate other women. The award has 7 categories to cover ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 09-09-17
  • Volunteer at this year’s GHC!
    Ever considered not just attending Grace Hopper this year, but also giving back? Whether it's your first time attending, or you're a multi-year veteran, volunteering in some way is a great way to enhance your experience.I've been volunteering with the conference since 2008, my first year there. For many of those years, I served as as a volunteer blogger. Starting as a blogger opened up all kinds of opportunities for me, including being on the Anita|Bees committee. The women I've ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC Community Committee – Anita | BeesPublished on 29-08-17
  • Safe travels everyone!
    by Zaza SorianoThe GHC Communities Committee had their last conference call last night. I ended that call by telling everyone not to miss their flights. They all laughed... but I have reason for that statement. :)My sister, Ant Soriano, was living with me at the time. She had a train ticket home to see her mom for a holiday. The day comes... and I remember being rudely awoken by Ant. "Zaza!! You overslept!"... whoops. The second attempt, we made it all ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 18-10-16
  • Meet your GHC[2016] Communities Committee
    by Zaza Sorianovar GHC-CC = ' GHC Communities Committee'GHC-CC.job = 'Organize Volunteers @ GHC 2016'GHC-CC.twitter = @GHC_CommitteeThe GHC Communities Committee has some returning members (2015 committee) and some new members that manage various community activities at GHC. These include: note taking, blogging, and speed mentoring(A/B). The committee has been working for the past couple months to process and prepare some 140+ volunteers for GHC16. This year some of the manual intake processing was automated and will hopefully be polished in ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 18-10-16
  • Introducing Jewish Women In Computing Community
    Going through a GHC is an overwhelming and awe-inspiring experience.  One could think that being at a women’s engineering conference would give enough focus and common grounds with all the other members of the conference.  However, Aubrey and Rebecca both felt amiss. Small nuances took shape in other communities that allowed their members to come about a common denominator. Aubrey understood that while there are communities representing many different religions and opinions, she could not find hers and began her ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 14-10-16
  • NAWIC Events at GHC 2016
      By Andrea Delgado-Olson              We are so excited for another Grace Hopper Celebration! NAWiC has had a phenomenal year and we can’t wait to share it all with you today. Last week, a NAWiC member shared a blog with the GHC Bloggers about her perspective on diversity vs. candidacy in a tech company, and this topic may hit close to home with any woman of color in any industry. Our community was glad that she shared her experience and desire to ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 11-10-16
  • A NAWiC Perspective On Diversity vs. Candidacy in Tech
    by Amanda SharpThe hot topic of the moment in high-tech is employee diversity. Several well-known high-tech companies have made public commitments to increase the diverse population within their organizations. Over the past few years, I’ve learned that a number of my coworkers have strong opinions about these initiatives. Break room conversations include statements such as “Why aren’t we hiring qualified candidates?” and “This is discrimination.”I am a Mohave woman. This is how I was born. It’s absurd to think that ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 06-10-16
  • 2016 ABIE Awards at GHC
    2016 ABIE Awards at GHCby Faye ChengAs an emerging woman technologist, I find it extremely encouraging and motivating to have strong women leaders and role models who inspire me with their drive and passion in technology. The annual Anita Borg ABIE Awards celebrate the successes of such women, and highlights their outstanding achievements and contributions to the tech world. As I read through all of the profiles of ABIE Winners, I realize that there are countless inspiring women that have ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 04-10-16
  • GHC Accessibility
    Greetings!The saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas and the George R. Brown Convention Center is no exception.  The convention center falls just shy of 2 million square feet (over 167,000 square meters) spread over three levels.  It is in the heart of downtown Houston, making the ideal place for the projected 15,000+ Hoppers to gather.  While getting from point A to point B in such a large facility can seem daunting, there will be plenty of help available.Move!All ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 29-09-16
  • Blogging and Note Taking!
    Hey everyone,So I'm sure by now you've all had a chance to take a look at the schedule and see all the amazing tracks and talks that are coming up at the conference! But, you may also have realized that it's physically impossible to go to each and every talk from every track that you'd like to see.But never fear, we've got you covered! Every year the communities committee organizes hordes of volunteers to do blogging and note taking for all ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 22-09-16
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